Cold Room Hire for Businesses Starts Now

Cold Store Rentals Ltd announced the availability of their new Cold Room Hire Service beginning now. More information can be found at

Customers looking for the latest Cold Room Hire Services will now be able to get involved with Cold Store Rentals Ltd. Today Steve Prior, Head of Management at Cold Store Rentals Ltd releases details of the new Cold Room Hire development.

The Cold Room Hire Service is designed to appeal specifically to businesses and includes:

Greater Flexibility and tailored solutions – This feature was included because it will be made bespoke to the customer’s needs, providing them with the most effective storage solution to maintain and improve their business output.. This is great news for the consumer as it will increase business production levels.

Predictable Expenditure and More Accurate Budget – This was made part of the service, to allow the customer to know their fixed hire charges so they can budget their outgoings more accurately. Customers who invest in the service should enjoy this feature because they will be able to retain their capital and increase cash flow.

Reduced costs of ownership – Cold Store Rentals Ltd made sure to make this part of the Cold Room Hire Service’s development to eliminate any added costs of ownership. Customers of the Cold Room Hire Service will likely appreciate this because it will take away the hassle of the cost of depreciation, finance charges, repair costs, end of life disposal and maintenance charges.

Steve Prior, when asked about the Cold Room Hire Service said:

“Your business needs to run as effectively as possible, and you shouldn’t need to put down excessive upfront costs for buying a unit. Hiring a cold room or hiring cold storage solutions such as commercial fridges and freezers works out to be a much more effective method.”

This is the latest offering from Cold Store Rentals Ltd and Steve Prior is particularly excited about this launch because it enables the customer to concentrate on what they do best.

Those interested in learning more about Cold Store Rentals Ltd and their Cold Room Hire Service scan do so on the website at

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