Cold Moon 2017 Watching SmartPhone Telescope Supermoon in December Now Available

Now it's time for people to be ready to watch the Cold Moon on December 2017 by turning their smartphone into a telescope enabling them to take the most beautiful views of the last supermoon of the year. More information is available at

The time for the Cold Moon 2017 in December is nearing fast and people are urged to turn their smartphone into a telescope to watch the spectacular views of the Cold Moon 2017 on their smartphone. There is a new cool way for moon watching surfers thanks to a new smartphone telescope gadget made available now by Zoom Lenses just in time to catch the most amazing moon watching event of the year 2017. The smartphones can be turned into a telescope enabling the viewers to see the last supermoon or long nights moon of 2017.

More information is available at

The telephoto zoom lens is ultra multi coated(TM) to enhance contrast in all light conditions allowing for great photos in any environment. It comes equipped with 18x zoom focus and it can take seconds to clip the lens with the patented high-tensile adjustable bracket to any smartphone out there whether it’s an iPhone, Android or any other feature phone. When coupled with their smartphone’s digital zoom function it is capable of producing a maximum magnification of approximately 72x. It’s user friendly, no need to have special knowledge or technical ability.

This new little pocket device is both fun and entertaining! The ones with creative sparkle in their heads can really create the Wow factor and turn heads around with this gadget.

With the looming supermoon on the 3rd December 2017 before Christmas, this will be an exciting time to bring family and friends together to enjoy what could be the brightest moon watching event of the year by taking breath taking views of the moon while shaking friends and family with the new high-quality super telescope lens. Parents can also keep track of their children’s sporting activities while playing their favorite sports during the school calendar and it can be used in a variety of moon watching or sky watching hobbies.

Many people has been amazed by the power of the new telescope zoom lens and has attached the gadget on to their smartphones already. By taking advantage of this smartphone gadget before the December 2017 supermoon erupts before their very own eyes, the viewers can definitely wow the people around them with amazing pictures. More information is available at

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