Cold Infusion Gin Pockets Without Cocktail Equipment Easy Stir Range Launched

A new range of gin stirring cold infusion packs has been launched by DJ’s Cold Infusion Pockets. These transform gin drinks into delicious cocktails, and make great gifts for any occasion.

DJ’s Cold Infusion Pockets has launched a new range of products on its online store, offering great gifts for gin lovers. The exciting gin cocktail flavours offer a 100% botanical hit that can transform any drink.

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DJ’s Cold Infusions Pockets are available in six different flavours, so customers have a wide selection to choose from. Each comes in a fully biodegradable pocket, encapsulated in an individual envelope.

This helps to seal the flavour and freshness until it’s ready to be used. Customers just have to stir the product into their favourite spirit, tonic or soda to transform the drink.

One of the elements that makes the infusion pockets so unique is that they are made from all natural ingredients. That means they’re fully vegan friendly, while being sugar free and blended by hand.

It’s easy to use infusion pockets, as customers just have to add them to the spirit, add some mixer, finish with some ice and stir.

DJ’s Cold Infusion Pockets were designed to create more flavoursome drinks without compromising on the integrity of the original spirit.

Each of the six flavours maximises the individual flavour and character. They allow customers to create new, delicious drinks without needing expensive cocktail equipment.

Britain has seen a rise in popularity of gin in recent years, which the movement being playfully tagged as the ginaissance. Sales of gin have doubled in the last two years, and sales also show that it’s a great gift for special occasions like Mother’s Day.

One way to make a Mother’s Day gift or special occasion present even more unique is with DJ’s Cold Infusion Pockets.

Options include Stirring Botanicals, Rooibos Spice, Blooming Blossom, Summer Equionox, Passion Star, and Orange Osmosis. Multi packs are also available, making for great gifts.

The company states: “Excite your spirit with the 100% natural botanical hit of a DJ’s Cold Infusion Pocket. Perfect for complex cocktail flavours without fuss or compromise. Simply stir into your favourite spirit, tonic or soda to create incredible colour and flavour.”

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