Cold Calling Sales Training For Coaches – Conversion Improvement Course Launched

Aura Trappel of the Trappel Academy announces her newly strengthened S.O.S. (Success On Sales) training for coaches who want to improve the effectiveness of their sales calls. By the end of the training, students will learn how to close 80% of their cold calls.

As experts note an increase in coaching services due to the current health crisis, many new professionals struggle with one crucial aspect: selling. Recognizing this, Aura Trappel, C.E.O., and Founder of Trappel Academy, launches her strengthened cold calling sales training for coaches.

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The updated services consider that many new coaches often get shy when speaking with their clients. While coaching can be regarded as a mental health profession, coaches still need to market themselves to get clients. This is where many coaches fail, says Trappel, as the desire to help others is there, but not the will to sell themselves.

Emerging data support this. Experts have noted that the rise of social media and the increased interest in online transactions have caused tens of thousands of people to sell themselves on the Internet. However, less than half are thriving, with a majority of salespeople admitting that they get “overwhelmed” with the thought of sounding “arrogant” or “vain.”

This is especially true among coaches, who are primarily introverts by nature. Shy lifestyle coaches are disadvantaged as their client base is often their acquaintances and family.

There is a whole untapped pool of potential clients, says Trappel, that needs to be saturated to improve one’s revenue. Nevertheless, there are self-limiting beliefs that prevent coaches from moving forward. One of these is that selling oneself is “pushing” one’s belief system to another person – a contradictory belief in helping other people.

Trappel understands this, having thought the same before. That is why she founded Trappel Academy to help other coaches with their sales calls. She focuses mainly on changing one’s perception that asking other people to pay for coaching services is not selfish but an investment into one’s wellbeing.

The training can be accessed by anyone nationwide.

A grateful student wrote, “If you have any drama about sales calls, I would recommend S.O.S. Sales Training, and you will start enjoying selling.”

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