Colchester CT Personal Development Coaching – Professional Growth Plans Updated

Colchester, CT - Lynn M Rossi (860-615-9091) announces her updated personal development coaching for thought leaders and business professionals looking to reignite their drive for success. The certified DreamBuilder Coach inspires clients to realize their goals.

Renewing her mission of reinvigorating the personal passions of people in the state, Lynn M Rossi introduces her strengthened suite of professional life coaching services. Each session guides clients to develop a measurable plan of success for them to achieve their goals.

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The updated life coaching addresses the growing number of people currently experiencing fear and uncertainty. Emerging data suggest that the pandemic has negatively affected the mental health of many individuals, with psychologists noting an increase in depression cases being reported in the country and around the world.

One factor being noted by mental health therapists is a lack of focus. As more people are encouraged to work from home and practice social distancing, many individuals have lost structure in their lives. This contributes to feelings of anxiety, says Rossi, and may make a person feel “useless”.

The life coach attempts to alleviate these feelings by reminding clients of their personal and professional goals. Rossi guides students to remove self-limiting beliefs, overcome their fears, and move forward to realize their potential.

Each session is tailored for every client, and they are encouraged to work at their own pace. The DreamBuilder Coach explains that by removing the pressure of “getting it right the first time”, clients can slowly build their confidence.

The goal of the life coaching program is to help clients understand their unique potential and learn how to reach it through step-by-step and measurable goals.

Rossi encourages clients to book their appointments through her website. Every month, the life coach offers a few complimentary strategy sessions to individuals who are serious about beginning their growth journey. These appointments are limited, however, and are booked quickly.

Rossi is a business partner of Mary Morrissey of LifeSOULutions.

Rossi says, “I help you stir up that innate knowing and self-trust already instilled deep in your soul. I help you forge forward when the “old you” would rather give up and turn back. Right now, you’re standing at the doorway to see your greatest life.”

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