CoinTracking Tax Calculator/Portfolio Coin Tracker 2022 Crypto Review Launched

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Telos Hunter has released their new report on the CoinTracking software ahead of the upcoming tax season to help traders accurately report their capital gains across multiple crypto wallets.

The newly released report explores the pros and cons of CoinTracking as a tax and portfolio tracking software and gives some recommendations on how to most effectively use the tools it provides. The software is a combination tax calculator and wallet monitor which provides capital gains data for crypto traders.

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This report has been released to help beginners in the crypto trading space get a better idea of what goes into filing and reporting when tax season rolls around. It is in the best interest of traders to use a software assistant to avoid messy calculations, but finding the right one can be a difficult task.

Cryptocurrency is complicated from a tax perspective due to its transient and difficult-to-define nature. The IRS defines cryptocurrency in the same category as physical property — the same class as precious metals like gold — but in many ways, crypto functions identically to a stock portfolio on which capital gain taxes must be paid.

Since crypto taxes can be extremely confusing for beginners, Telos Hunter offers easy-to-read resources designed to clarify the process. The CoinTracking report covers all the capabilities of the software and how it can be best utilized to keep track of multiple wallets and assets at once, streamlining the reporting process.

Telos Hunter explains that a notable feature of CoinTracking is the capability to look up crypto tax laws through the software in a constantly updated compendium. These same tools allow users to consult with the knowledgeable tax experts at CoinTracking to find the best ways to minimize taxes paid while maximizing capital gains.

CoinTracking also boasts an impressive library of over 17,000 tokens, and as the report explains, users can browse this database and read detailed information on these tokens. This makes the tool valuable not only around tax season but also year-round as a way to closely vet new investments.

Telos Hunter has quickly become a valuable member of the crypto community by distributing informative, well-researched news content. Their stories are invaluable for beginners and crypto veterans alike, especially with tax season fast approaching.

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