Coffs Harbour Business Coach Helping Introverts Become Successful Entrepreneurs

Coffs Harbour NSW, Business Coaching Agency Nimble Business Coaching updated its range of business growth solutions for Introvert business owners interested in mastering their mindset and performance to dominate their local area and grow their business revenue.

Nimble Business Coaching, a mindset and performance coach based in Coffs Harbour Australia announced the launch of an updated range of coaching services for local business owners. The agency is dedicated to helping small business owners create a customised business growth solution that focuses on their unique strengths and abilities, whilst allowing them to work less hours.

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Working to their natural strengths should be the prime focus of all businesses, especially of those working with clients.

The traditional thought process to building a successful business requires entrepreneurs to network, to sell, to raise capital, be the face of the enterprise and ultimately, to lead teams of people. And introverts tend to find all of this stressful, mentally and physically exhausting, and if not managed properly, can severely limit the odds of business success.

The head coach at Nimble Business Coaching says “I was an extreme Introvert for most of my life and was well into my forties before i realised that my limiting beliefs were preventing me from reaching my potential – ‘I struggle to lead others because I’m too reserved’, or ‘I can’t netwrok because I am naturally shy’, or ‘I can’t speak to groups because I don’t like the spotlight”

He goes further to state that it was only when he finally learned that being an Introvert didn’t make him less skilled or incapable of growing a successful business, it was more that he possessed qualities and strengths that were different from society’s cultural bias towards more outgoing ‘extroverts’.

If you need more proof, just look to slef-professed introverts and industry giants Larry Page, co-founder of Google, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computers, or Bill Gates, founder of Windows just to name a few.

Nimble Business Coaches creates customised business growth strategies that are exactly matched to the needs and ambitions of each company that they wrok with.

This business growth solution identifies the unique strengths and skills that the business owner has and bridges the gap bewtween what the owner desires their business to look like, the mindset limitations and then creating a clear set of goals and tactics, mixed in with some positive resources and systems that makes it almost impossible not to achiev the deired outcomes.

More specifically, these business strategies create increased revenue whilst allowing the business owner to increase efficiencies, resources, conversions, all whilst working less hours than they ever dreamed to be possible, and without doing the things they hate doing.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The value and results we create are not suitable for everyone and because we only ever work with a handful of clients, we of course need to establish whether we would be a good fit working together. My reputation is my best asset and I can only be of benefit to leaders who are well respected, willing to be coached and driven, and can cope with the extra revenue and time freedom that we will generate.”

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