Coencorp Lands Another Municipal Client for Fleet Fuel & Maintenance Management

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Coencorp, a leading fleet management solutions provider, wins a contract to supply fleet fuel & maintenance software, hardware and support services to St. Saveur, a city north of Montreal, Quebec.

Municipalities across North America are currently focusing to reduce the costs and expenditures of their fleet operations in two main areas being fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance. Coencorp Consultant Corporation is pleased to announce the award of a contract to supply their SM-2 Fuel and SM-2 Maintain integrated fleet management solutions hardware, software and support services to the City of Saint Sauveur located north of Montreal, Quebec.

The City of Saint Sauveur operates approximately 80 vehicles to service the needs of the community with a population of approximately 10,000 and a land area of roughly 50 square kilometers. In the contract, Coencorp will provide fuel management hardware and software to automate the inventory and dispensing of fuel at the two main fueling stations. In addition, Coencorp will work to set up a maintenance management cloud-based solution to monitor the City’s fleet maintenance scheduling along with parts inventory.

Ali Tavassoli, President and CEO of Coencorp comments, “Labor, maintenance and fuel are typically the largest expenses for any fleet vehicle operations. The management at the City of Saint Sauveur were looking not only for a reliable fuel management solution, they also wanted an integrated solution for the maintenance program of their fleet of 80 vehicles. We have been providing municipalities across North America with fleet management solutions for over 30 years and we are pleased that Saint Saveur chose Coencorp as their fleet management partner.”

Coencorp will also be providing ongoing live support to all levels of the city’s management and operational team to ensure a smooth implementation of the integrated fleet management solution. Much of the hardware has already been shipped to the city and work has begun to implement the fuel management hardware at Saint Sauveur’s two main fueling facilities.

Mr. Tavassoli adds, ” Monitoring fuel and accurate accounting of fuel deliveries with dispensing of fuel to a fleet can be difficult to reconcile daily and monthly. The SM2 Fuel system automatically and accurately accounts the transactions and inventory management of the fleet’s fuel and other consumables.”

Full implementation of the fuel and maintenance hardware and software is expected to be completed by February 2020.

About Coencorp: Founded in 1991, Coencorp is a leading manufacturer of automated fleet and fuel management solutions. They design, develop, manufacture, market, and support sophisticated hardware/software systems that deliver efficient management of fleets of 100 or more vehicles. Their mission is to contribute to their valued clients’ bottom line by reducing their highest operating expenses, namely labor cost, fuel consumption, and asset tracking & maintenance, through the intelligent use of Coencorp advanced automated hardware and software technologies. Today, Coencorp systems are used globally in over 1000 sites, managing over 500,000 vehicles in various public or private organizations, including but not limited to municipalities, public transits, national defense, oil & gas operators and companies, mining, construction, transportation, utilities, telecom, private fleets, and automobile dealerships.

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