Coencorp Lands Another Contract For An Automated Fleet Fuel Management Solution

Virginia emergency medical services fleet awards Coencorp of Montreal an order for it's SM2-Fuel management solution to completely automate the fuel management process at it's new facility.

When a Virginia Beach EMS company moved their fleet of fifteen vehicles into a new facility, the manual fuel management process was inadequate for emergency medical services, which need to have much of the fleet management procedures monitored automatically and accurately. For Fast Track EMS, their new facility had two underground storage tanks (USTs) for fuel; one for diesel and the second for gasoline. Local, state and federal authorities require statistical inventory reconciliation (SIR) for all fuel underground storage tanks for preventing and detecting fuel releases. The existing SIR process was a manual procedure requiring daily tank dips to be measured and recorded onto a spreadsheet with manual calculations and reporting. This had to be automated for a company that is focused on providing emergency medical services.

Fast Track EMS was also looking for a fuel management system that would automatically start the fuel pump when a nozzle is inserted in an authorized vehicle fill pipe. The desired solution would also have to automatically verify that the requested fuel is compatible with that particular vehicle to eliminate the possibility of pumping gas in a diesel vehicle, for instance. They wanted that, upon nozzle withdrawal, the system would immediately stop fuel flow and that once refueling was completed, it would record the fuel transaction data as well as vehicle engine data (such as odometer and engine hours, captured while fuelling was in progress). Furthermore, they wanted the flexibility to be able to allow the driver to also authorize fuel through the fuel island terminal keypad in some cases. Finally, due to the urgent nature of their business, there is zero tolerance for having a fleet immobilized due to exhausted fuel inventories. It is paramount the fleet manager be notified when the UST levels reach a re-order level.

Mr. Ali Tavassoli, CEO of Coencorp comments, “So many fleet facilities with USTs are still reconciling their fuel inventories manually. This leaves room for large margins of error. In addition, the resources to manually take measurements daily and produce the monthly reconciliation reports is a function of fleet management that no one enjoys. With Coencorp’s SM2-FUEL solution, the fleet manager is able to see their tank levels, be automatically notified when the levels reach a re-order level, automatically record daily electronic tank dips, automatically track and record the pump totalizers, volumes of fuel delivered, how much fuel is dispensed and to which fleet asset. Inventory reconciliation reports are generated with a single mouse click. Overall, SM2-FUEL is a fully integrated and automated solution when combined with the vehicle engine data capture for preventative maintenance.”

The hardware for the SM2-FUEL solution will be installed over the next few months and the recorded information will be set up in a cloud-based network providing full flexibility to extract and manage the data as necessary. Full training will be provided to the fleet team at Fast Track EMS and 24/7 support is part of the overall fuel management investment.

About Coencorp: Founded in 1991, Coencorp is a leading manufacturer of automated fleet and fuel management solutions. They design, develop, manufacture, market, and support sophisticated hardware/software systems that deliver efficient management of fleets of 100 or more vehicles. Their mission is to contribute to their valued clients’ bottom line by reducing their highest operating expenses, namely labor cost, fuel consumption, and asset tracking & maintenance, through the intelligent use of Coencorp advanced automated hardware and software technologies. Today, Coencorp systems are used globally in over 1000 sites, managing over 500,000 vehicles in various public or private organizations, including but not limited to municipalities, public transits, national defense, oil & gas operators and companies, mining, construction, transportation, utilities, telecom, private fleets, and automobile dealerships.

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