Coe Health and Fitness Report announces the official Quantum3 Shield Upgrade

The Coe Health and Fitness Report is announcing the Quantum3 Shield Upgrade from Mike Flynt. Further information can be found at

Rumors are already starting to circulate among observers and die-hard fans within the Health and Fitness world, as the news of The Quantum3 Shield Upgrade spreads.

The Coe Health and Fitness Report also released facts that fans, reviewers and critics can expect from this new upgrade.

Increased physical energy, endurance, strength and stamina with cell rejuvenation and cell protection being scientifically proven with rigorous

Quantum V Phase Angle testing showing a reverse biological cell age by as much as 10 Years.

According to Dr. Zach Bush – “Phase Angle is our best technique for a sense of biological age.” If a person goes from a 5.6 PA to a 6.4 PA, over a nine-month period, they will have reversed their age by 10 to 15 years biologically. “We are talking about improving the population of 70 trillion cells in the body.” Phase Angle tests seem to indicate that these results are almost immediate simply by wearing the Quantum3 Shield.

Finally, for die-hard fans of this industry, they’ll be interested to know what went into the discovery of the Quantum3 Shield.

Mike Flynt, founder and CEO of Quantum3 Shield was a former strength and conditioning coach at Texas A&M, University of Nebraska, University of Oregon and a Founder of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He also was the oldest person to play linebacker in NCAA football history at age 59. With passion for strength and conditioning Mike discovered a technology that can increase personal physical energy, endurance, strength and stamina while rejuvenating cells and protecting the body against the harmful influences from electromagnetic fields from 4/5G.

It has taken years to test and produce, from start to finish, from the initial discovery to creating the final product.

Peak-Performance, Cell-Rejuvenation, and Cell-Protection in a wrist band. This should provide total satisfaction to Health and Fitness connoisseurs.

And for more information about the product itself, more information can be found at

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