Coding helps children transition imagination into reality

Learn2Code-Code2Win is an online coding Bootcamp cum contest conducted by 98thPercentile, at absolutely no cost. Register today for the best coding and learning experience.

When the pandemic hit the globe, people were forced to stay at home. Education and learning came to a halt for growing children. But the smart kids of GenZ turned this pandemic into an opportunity to learn and grow by themselves. Many learned Painting, Baking, and such other creative forms. What was revolutionary is that a lot of them also turned to Coding. Coding gave them a way to turn their imaginations into reality.

Computer programming can be one the quickest developing and the most engaging professionals in the following years, with the enhancements of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, and robotics. Children presented to Coding can build up the affection or even the energy for it and find that it is the thing that they need to do in everyday life. Coding makes an impression on kids that they can make anything from nothing only if they decide to do it. By Coding, they can extend what is conceivable. This encourages the advancement of humankind and the general improvement of personal satisfaction.

There are Zillions of ways to teach children Coding in a healthy and safe environment. One such way is, 98thPercentile.

98thPercentile, a fast-growing online learning platform where children can learn and grow in many different areas. They offer Live Online, Math, English, Public Speaking, and Coding programs for K-12 students geared to drive them a grade ahead in just 6-8 months.

98thPercentile is hosting a Coding Bootcamp cum competition for students of grades 1-6, Learn2Code-Code2Win. Contestants will be able to create their own game/project from scratch. This is a not-to-miss opportunity for all grade 1-6 children looking for a fun and exciting coding activity to indulge in.

Learn2Code-Code2Win is an online coding Bootcamp cum competition that is designed specifically for children from Grade 1-6. It is a helpful guide to game development for beginners. Participants will learn how to build a game on Scratch. This would be taught by the expert instructors from 98thPercentile in the Learn2Code Bootcamp and that too absolutely at no cost. After the Bootcamp, the participants would be asked to create their own game and these entries would be posted on the 98thPercentile Gaming Wall. The game-videos to receive maximum votes would be eligible for exciting awards & scholarships. The winners of course will earn a lot of gifts that can help them carry forward their talent. Winners will be rewarded with awards and scholarships worth $1000, Amazon gift cards, Math, English, Coding, or Public Speaking classes.

The Learn2Code Bootcamp would be held on 28th & 29th August 2021.

Upon registration, participants would receive details and learning resources related to the Bootcamp. This is a platform to learn the basics of game theory – logic & development is an opportunity not to be missed. Participants will also get to know how to code to design a game. To register for this event and get more updates, visit their page

Winners will be rewarded with awards and scholarships worth $1000, Amazon gift cards, and also Math, English, Coding, or Public Speaking classes. In addition, even those who participate are provided with valuable participation certificates.

98thPercentile is very much appreciated for its month-to-month contests dependent on different topics for students to participate in. November’s Spell Kahoot pulled in more than 500 competitors and was an immense achievement, and December’s 98thPercentile’s SMART contest pulled in considerably more. Not to forget the recent hits COMIX and the second version of its most popular Spell Kahoot 2.0 competition. In every contest, 3 winners from every one of the 3 divisions were declared, and they all procured magnificent prizes, including Amazon gift vouchers, grants to 98thPercentile classes. They were highlighted in interviews and web journals for official media.

Coding is fundamental since computer programming instructs children to test and gives them the confidence to be innovative. Children will find the opportunity to plan a thing that has a place with them and is altogether their own. Children often prosper off of the feedback they get from making something they love. It is similar to learning a language or playing an instrument; children need inspiration.

98thPercentile not only focuses on Coding but the overall development of a child. They offer courses including Math, Public Speaking, and English as well. Also, 98thPercentil offers up to a 4-week free trial at no cost, and no credit card is required. Altogether, these help children build the confidence they might work their way up the ladder.

This can prove to be a very useful experience for the participants to help them develop a new skill and learn in a very innovative way. Rewarding always makes tasks more exciting, and especially children feel more motivated.

98thPercentile has held many successful competitions previously and continues to have a collection of courses and competitions that can help children learn better. Not just the winners but also the participants get a certificate of participation. The winners are interviewed and featured on all digital media platforms. 98thPercentile helps children grow overall as an all-rounder. Visit for more insights on effective education.

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