Codeless Mobile App Development Drag & Drop Builder Creator Software Announced

MobiMatic, a premier and codeless mobile app builder offering a simple drag and drop editor where users can easily develop an engaging, high performance and entirely customized Android or iOS app that stands out among competitors and potential clients within minutes has been announced.

A brand new mobile app builder entitled MobiMatic allowing business owners and entrepreneurs to easily develop high performance, fully functional and entirely customized native Android or iOS mobile apps in minutes has been announced.

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The MobiMatic software is a leading mobile app builder developed to provide businesses owners, marketers and entrepreneurs with a simple and intuitive solution which requires no coding knowledge or experience to build the kind of professional, engaging and striking apps that can provide an edge over competitors and establish the brand or business among potential clients.

The mobile app development software offers a live drag and drop interface which allows users to quickly and easily build their high performance and fully functional native Android or iOS app by customizing app design layouts or pre-made templates for multiple types of businesses or services, including restaurants, hotels, lawyers, real estate, fashion or even e-commerce websites, and more.

The live drag and drop builder also provides over 40 valuable features to choose from, including all the essential booking or reservation and ‘about’, contact or address and opt-in pages, which can be combined with entirely customized images, colors, text, ads, deals, icons, logos, videos, podcasts, and more, to create an engaging and striking app in line with the business or brand goals, image or needs and have it published in the Android, Play or Apple store within minutes.

More information on the MobiMatic app builder software and its simple codeless app development system or the valuable analytics provided along with details on the bonus offers available with the software, including a 1 hour strategy session with the renowned business marketing expert Dave Deib to help maximize the potential and scale of the business app, can be consulted on the website link provided above.

Dave Deib explains that “we all need an app for our business because it’s the perfect way to make us visible to our customers at all times and increase brand recognition and engagement while creating customer loyalty and establishing a sustainable direct marketing platform to push promotions. The solution is either going to a developer and spending a fortune or creating it yourself with this brand new software that will change how mobile apps are created”.

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