Coconut Country Living’s Organic Raw Organic Coconut Flour Arrives in USA

CCL's long-anticipated shipment of paleo-friendly raw organic coconut flour has arrived in the USA. Mr DiSalvo, CEO or CCL, and author of Cookoo for Coconut expresses appreciation for the media's interest in this new product for the Amazon marketplace.

Coconut Country Living (CCL) is pleased to announce the arrival in the United States of its first fresh shipment of its USDA certified-organic coconut flour. After having traveled for several weeks from Colombo, Sri Lanka, to the Port of Los Angeles, the shipment arrived in early January and is in the process of disembarking.  The 3,900 package lot will be sent to three locations in the US:  San Bernardino, CA, Tennessee, and Pennyslvania.  The company’s first press release on the coming release was notably picked up by not only San Bernardino and Los Angeles by the local press ahead of its arrival at the Amazon FBA warehouse nearby, but hundreds of other news agencies.

Michael DiSalvo, CEO of Coconut Country Living, noted the local and national attention with his statement, “I am very encouraged that so many news outlets are paying attention to products that have something uniquely natural to offer. Our Beyond Organic guarantee is unique, and there are few to no companies that pair this guarantee with actively standing against the contamination of our food supply with GMOs”.

The company’s Beyond Organic guarantee continues to be an assurance that it will put no artificial ingredients, pesticides, GMOs, or other harmful ingredients in its products, regardless of any exceptions currently authored by the FDA and USDA.  The company continues in its FDA and USDA certifications, but calls upon consumers to pressure for change for an end to multi-national conglomerates controlling US food policy. 

Logistics authorities predict the coconut flour will be shipped by Saturday the 24th and will be processed at the first FBA warehouse in San Bernardino before mid-February, leaving most of the offerings available by Saint Valentine’s Day. 

Customers looking to purchase Cookoo for Coconut Flour can sign up to be notified of Cookoo’s arrival by going to at and clicking on the yellow email me button in the upper right corner.

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