Coccyx Support Cushion Back Pain Relief For Desk Workers & Elderly Launched

Liliyo has launched a new campaign for its high quality cushions and back support products. The company provides various back pain relief cushions and supports, and is ideal for anyone that suffers from back pain.

A new campaign has been launched by Liliyo, allowing more customers to benefit from its high quality products. Liliyo offers a wide range of different products and solutions to chronic back pain sufferers such as frequent desk workers and flyers, elderly people and pregnant people. The products on offer are ideal for anyone that suffers from back pain and would like instant relief.

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Liliyo is a company that is dedicated to helping customers achieve great results and immediate back pain relief through top quality products and customer service.

Liliyo offers their products to all customers, and they are ideal for everyday travelers, frequent flyers, desk workers who sit down for most of the day, elderly people who are suffering from back pain, long distance drivers, chronic back pain sufferers, people in wheelchairs and pregnant people, as well as anyone else who suffers from back pain.

Customers will find that Liliyo offer a wide range of products such as lumbar support cushions and coccyx seat cushion to aid back pain sufferers and help prevent future back pain. For instance, there is the Liliyo GenX Seat Cushion, which features a patented design which was developed by osteopathic and pain specialists with over 15 years of experience in the field of back support.

The cushion is designed to fix many of the shortcomings of the usual seat cushions and chairs on the market, whilst simultaneously providing incredible support and comfort. The seat is also doctor approved to help relieve fatigue, numbness, soreness, poor posture and pressure on the tailbone.

In addition to the GenX seat cushion, customers will see the Liliyo Smart Support Lumbar Cushion. This cushion is available in either grey or blue, and is specially designed for customers who suffer from pain, pressure or tightness in their back whilst sitting down.

The support improves blood flow, reduces muscle tension and reduces pain in order for a pain free sitting experience. Customers will find that the support offers firm support but a soft and comfortable cushion.

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