Coccyx Seat Cushion Butt Pillow Lower Back Pain & Lumbar Support Store Launched

A new Amazon store has been launched by LILIYO, the company known for its high quality back pain cushions. It offers a range of stability cushions to support customers’ backs and help them reach optimum wellness.

LILIYO has launched a new Amazon store for its high quality products, allowing more customers to buy coccyx seat cushions and butt pillows to manage back pain. The company is known for its high quality service and cutting edge products, and the Amazon launch is part of its commitment to excellent service.

More information about their coccyx cushion can be found at:

The URL above allows customers to buy the high quality coccyx seat cushion for pain relief and lower back support. The cushion has been designed from the ground up to offer comfort and relief for the user.

The Amazon page listing explains that customers will never have to worry about their sciatica pillow flattening out. This is because, unlike standard memory foams that flatten out through use, the LILIYO cushion is made from high-density rebound foam.

This foam has been specialty designed to maintain firmness, delivering long lasting sciatica relief for customers. It means that customers can buy with confidence knowing they’re getting a great deal on comfortable cushions for supporting the coccyx.

Customers will discover the butt pillow comes packed inside a portable carrying tote bag, which makes it easy to carry around anywhere on the go. In addition to this, a selection of outer covers is also provided.

LILIYO states: “It feels like you’re sitting on a cloud. The cushion has a tailbone pad tailor made to give you fast back and sciatica pain relief without changing your daily routine.”

The company is dedicated to helping customers reach optimal wellness and offers remarkable comfort with all of its products. Other items available in the new Amazon store include the lumbar cushion for back pain relief, and a range of other high quality cushions.

Full details of the store can be found at the URL above.

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