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Orion Erosion Control Inc announced the availability of their Hydroseeding & Erosion Control Services in the following Cobb County areas, Acworth, Austell, Kennesaw, Marietta, Powder Springs and Smyrna. More information can be found at or by calling 1-404-596-4934.

Cobb County’s Hydroseeding and Erosion Control company, Orion Erosion Control Inc now offers their turnkey services in Cobb County

Erosion control is the most prevalent reason for using hydroseeding in an effort to hold moisture and protect against erosion from wind, rain, sun and pests through the binding of seed, mulch, tackifiers and other soil conditioners that encompass the hydroseeding slurry to bind with the ground surface soil. Hydroseeding is a completely safe and non-toxic method of growing grass that is harmless to kids, pets and the environment.

When it comes to above and beyond Orion Erosion Control Inc is the one and only company to depend on, offering a wide variety of services Hydroseeding for all four seasons, All silt fences DOT Type A wireback Silt Fence,DOT Type A Silt Fence, DOT Type C wireback Silt Fence, Tree Protection Fence & Cpop.

They also offer a very ample selection of matting from Single and Double Mat, Single and Double Green Excelsior Mat as well as Permanent and Temporary grassing, Inlet protection solutions Coconut Waddles, Gabion bags, Silt Saver Domes & Covers,Construction Entrances / CO pads, Floc Logs, Polymer Application, Special Mix Grasses, Bonded Fiber Matrix, Geo-Synthetic Fabrics, Turbidity Barriers, Delivery & Installation of Aggregate. Orion Erosion Control Inc is a Level 1A Certified by the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission (GSWCC), licensed & insured company with broad field experience.

The Gwinnett County’s hydroseeding & Erosion Control services company provides a complete range of preventive erosion control prevention services to property owners, home builders, land developers, commercial contractors, grading companies & contractors.

After talking to operation manager Mrs Jones she was delighted to share some of the benefits of Hydroseeding, Hydroseeding it is the most economical choice for establishing the growth of great looking grass without the high cost.The lawn quality of the hydroseeding affords is much healthier, greener and longer lasting than sod or any hand seeding applications. Furthermore, hydroseeding provides a thicker, more uniform lawn essentially consists of a mat of interlocking fibers creating the ideal growing environment that doesn’t have the threat of seams showing as with sod or sparse, patchy areas with hand seeding.

Hydroseeding creates an evenly covered area that forms a barrier to keep seed stabilized and retain moisture, fertilizer and other healthy growth-enhancing nutrients, while ultimately resulting in a full, lush lawn. Hydroseeding has become increasing popular, overshadowing both hand seeding and sod, for a wide array of job-sites and applications. Some of these uses include residential lawns, erosion control, hillside stabilization, vegetation restoration, wildfire repair, roadsides, national parks, soil renovation, landfills, city parks, airport dust control, and many other versatile uses.

Hydroseeding is used primarily to establish permanent lawns or landscaping, however it is also known for serving as temporary cover for dirt that will eventually be moved. Although hydroseeding doesn’t afford the “instant lawn” gratification, such as sod, the combination of cost, quality, coverage, erosion control and health definitely tip the scales in favor of the plentiful benefits of hydroseeding. Hydroseeding is faster and easier to install than sod, and this rapid application is managed without the downfall of outstanding labor expenditures.

A properly hydroseeded and watered lawn will start to grow in about 7 days,and under normal conditions, will be fully established and ready to mow in 3-4 weeks.

In comparison to other methods of seeding, seed applied in a hydroseeding mix will generally show growth and develop turf faster than if it was applied in a broadcast fashion. With hydroseedings’ ability to retain up to 10 times its weight in water, it’s definitely proved to be the best method for fast, healthy germination, high plant survival and protection of seeds with a moisture sealant. No other method of growing grass, whether sod or hand seeding, has the advantages of hydroseeding when it comes to water retention.

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