Coach Byron Roth to Host Lehigh Valley Business Leader’s Roundtable May 14, 2021

Business owners and CEO's rarely have time to meet with other experienced leaders for learning, discussion, and networking. On May 14th, 2021 Byron Roth will provide businessmen the opportunity to do this in a non-competitive setting in Bethlehem, PA at his person interactive business roundtable.

Coach Byron Roth, owner of Byron Roth Consulting and The Alternative Board Lehigh Valley, will be hosting a Lehigh Valley business owner’s roundtable discussion Friday May 14, 2021 at the Borderline Restaurant in Bethlehem, PA from 8am to 10am.

The purpose of the event is to give business owners and CEO’s an opportunity to experience the power of participating in a peer board setting and see how through collaboration with other business leaders, issues and opportunities can be explored and solved in a confidential and collaborative setting. Each participating business owner and CEO should come with an issue or topic that they want to gain insight and input from other business leaders and be prepared to provide input on the topics brought by the other business leaders.

According to Coach Roth, “As business owners and CEO’s, we are faced with a continuously changing business environment. More than ever, we need to have access to new ideas, perspectives and insights that will help us take our business in the right direction. It is no time to be alone.”

The time on May 14th will provide business owners and CEO’s the opportunity to meet face to face with other business leaders for a time of learning, discussion on critical issues, and networking. This is a unique opportunity for business leaders to take 2 short hours out of their week to work on their business away from the the normal mundane tasks that can burn up their time.

The interactive workshop’s format enables business leaders to share any questions, needs, successes and concerns. It also provides a refreshing opportunity for those involved to experience a sounding board and learn alongside peers by gaining insight and advice from seasoned business owners and providing that same type of input to others.

Coach Byron Roth has been building Peer Advisory Boards with non-competitive business owners and served as a business advisor for many years. Regular peer advisory board members take one day each month away from their busy schedules to work on their goals and businesses without getting bogged down by the daily tasks they must normally attend to. Anyone looking to learn more about Byron Roth, business roundtables, and advisory boards can watch the linked video here for more information.

Those interested in attending this or future roundtable events should be a Business Owner or CEO in the Lehigh Valley who is looking to accomplish the following: grow their business, increase revenue, solve nagging problems, solve personnel issues, and get sound advice from fellow business owners. People from all industries are welcome to the roundtable discussion.

The event will be held in person on Friday May 14, 2021 from 8am to 10am at the Borderline Restaurant in Bethlehem (2100 West Union Blvd, Bethlehem, PA 18018). Breakfast will be provided. The event is free, but registration is required.

To RSVP, ask questions, and register for the roundtable event contact Byron Roth, Owner of Byron Roth Consulting – TAB Lehigh Valley.

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