Coach Alex Kitingan Predicts Demise Of Life And Business Coaching Industry

Coaching expert Alex Kitingan provides solution for coaches feeling financial pressures in building their business at no cost that doubles their business and value to clients. It is a strategically integrated lifeline to certified coaches.

Life coaches and business coaches around the world can now avoid becoming one of the industry’s casualties. For years many of the industry’s certified coaches have been unsuccessful and feeling the financial pressures in building their practice.

“The problem is not coaching or the coaches themselves,” said Alex Kitingan, himself a certified coach and owner of a strategic marketing agency. “Over the last 18 years, since modern coaching became mainstream in the personal and professional development industries with the initiatives of the late Thomas J Leonard and an alliance of coaches, the industry has primarily focused on training coaches without providing the necessary strategy for them to succeed. I’m throwing coaches a lifeline for their business.”

Alex, a two time Amazon Kindle Bestseller co-author and a top seller in a project marketplace has been featured alongside other marketing greats such as Dr. Joe Vitale and Justin Brooke and over 18 years has closely followed the growth of coaching. “As psychologists and psychiatrists start jumping on the huge coaching trend, this can impede the influence of the coaching industry for all other types of coaches. Through the S.C.A.P.E.S. structure and partner platform any coaches can instantly be set up to deliver their coaching expertise in any niche in such a professional may that can rival even the top mental health professions or training companies. It’s designed with business longevity and long term customer value while flexible enough to make your coaching business impressive.” says Alex.

S.C.A.P.E.S is a strategic positioning and coaching delivery structure and criteria that Alex puts together and helps coaches integrate their entire business. There is tremendous leverage and actual support that can help build a coaching business faster and more profitably with the bespoke positioning. By integrating sophisticated proven platforms, experienced support team, advanced management concepts together with a coach’s niche area and passion for coaching this makes coaching fun and a lot more focused. To attempt to put together this kind of integration from scratch would easily require tens of thousands of dollars in investment.

S.C.A.P.E.S is available for setup and access for anyone who is a coach, counselor, manager, supervisor and trainer. There is no cost involved and it is only considered once the coach reaches the stage of competency with the platform where the coach understands how the entire strategic structure can integrate with the coaching business. It does not require technical knowledge and once set up for the coaching business, the value to clients can easily double. Coaches without this set up will be at a huge disadvantage. This platform is available from Alex right now. To get access at no cost go to

In a time when customer service is more important than ever the life and business coaches can continue to thrive with this potential lifeline and provide clients with a delivery platform they can be proudly confident of that will also enhance their branding and expert positioning effortlessly while increasing client success rates.

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