CO Real Estate Market Forecast & Investment Report Released by Denver Agent

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A new report and podcast helps investors understand the housing market in Colorado and other U.S. cities. A free Denver workshop shows how they can take advantage of current trends.

A forecast and report on the latest real estate market trends were discussed in the Colorado KHOW Real Estate Consumer Radio Show by Denver host Barry Miller and Consumer advocate Larry Stanley. They also announced the first of a series of free investment workshops in Denver starting November 27th.

Investment data and statistics and information on the workshop may be accessed here:

The forecast says that the inventory of active listings continue to increase, creating a “slowdown” in the market. The interest rates are also slowly creeping upwards, with the latest increase of 0.25 percentage points, from 1.75% to an annual rate of 2% (source: countryeconomy). Interest rate increases are often used by the Feds to slow down inflation and protect the currency. The host of the radio show encourages consumers to embrace, accept and take new actions on the changes that are happening within the housing market.

Kathleen Chiras, the manager of the Best Agent Finder added, “I do see a bit of hesitation in the market because people are concerned about what’s happening politically and with interest rates. Those who are deciding to sell now in the fall-winter season00which is historically a slower time for Colorado real estate are sharing one thought: ” I might have missed the top and I’m ready to sell now. I’m not sure what will happen by spring!”

Changes are indeed inevitable, but despite market shifts, consumers can avoid having costly mistakes by working with highly qualified and competent real estate agents. Consumers are advised to engage only the best agents so they will be able to cope up with the rapid changes.

The Best Agent Finder has a network across the U.S. of thousands of fiduciary agents who have been rated and reviewed over 20 years. Fiduciaries are the trusted agents that put consumer’s interests ahead of their own. The hosts of the show estimate that true loyal agents, ones who are experienced and competent negotiators for their clients, likely constitute only 3-5% of all professional real estate agents.

For those consumers who want to enjoy the comforts of having highly qualified and knowledgeable agents, visit This is a trusted and hassle-free consultation service offered by the Best Agent Finder at no cost.

To find trust-worthy and highly experienced agents specifically in Colorado, real estate buyers are encouraged to go to the Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association at

The radio show presenters, Barry Miller, and Larry Stanley will host a free 100-minute workshop about the residential real estate investment on November 27, 2018, from 7:00 PM to 8:45 PM. The presentation will discuss how the process of real estate investment works and how to be the smartest investors. The information on the hottest deals in the hottest markets predicted for the next 4 years will be provided in the workshop as well. The workshop invitation is only for real estate consumers, not licensed agents.

Interested participants may call 303-758-4040 to receive registration information. To get more information on the real estate trends in cities all across the country, consumers may go to the sites mentioned above.

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