CO Company Providing High Energy Users with Affordable On-Site Off-Grid Solution

Companies consuming high amounts of energy wrestle with two critical issues daily, limited availability and escalating costs. As Colorado’s energy demand skyrockets, and the rising costs of energy and upgrades squeeze profits, RainMaking International is delivering an affordable, off-grid option to high energy users.

Energy is the lifeblood of business and industry, and nowhere is energy more coveted than in Colorado. With the legalized marijuana industry now using 200+ billion kilowatts annually, an increase of 43% between 2012 and 2014 (1), it is easy to see that this bourgeoning industry is taking a toll on energy availability, on aged and overworked equipment, and most importantly, on energy costs. In fact, ongoing system demand has resulted in many businesses being required to invest $50,000+ to bring their internal energy system up to date. These out-of-pocket expenses are putting undue pressure on growers, while limiting their profits and growth potential.

Fortunately for Colorado, it is not just the marijuana industry that is moving the energy needle. It is a GNP that is recovering faster than the national rate (2), a business start-up rate ahead of pace (3), and commercial development growth in 2014 that encompassed nearly 2 million sq. ft. of new office space construction. (4) All these are key Colorado energy indicators for continued escalation in usage and price.

RainMaking International is a company with roots in many industries, including food, technology, water, lighting and energy. The only full “turnkey” organic grow system of its kind, RainMaking International is already working with area growers and high volume energy users providing cost and feasibility studies of the energy system alone, and/or as a key element in their total growing process.

The energy unit is not much larger than a refrigerator and is already working for more than 8,000 organizations. It is low on maintenance, and high on dependability, boasting 99.999 percent up-time. Advanced engineering and more than 100 patents put our microturbine unit in a class of its own. The equipment costs less to operate than the traditional on-grid electricity process, and for those looking for green solutions, has a higher emissions rating than any non-catalyzed gas combustion engine. Even better, the equipment can be obtained through a lease agreement, reducing upfront out-of-pocket costs. It is easy and quick to install, and it is already working effectively in a variety of industries and applications where energy usage is critical. Current users include hospitals, colleges, manufacturing facilities, data centers, greenhouses, and food storage and distribution centers.

On September 10th at 11:00 AM, RainMaking International will conduct a live demonstration of this new onsite energy solution, along with a proprietary vertical growing process. The demonstration will be held on the grounds at Green Labs Denver, at 1250 31st St., Denver, CO 80205. The event is open to area business owners, commercial property managers, facilities managers, the local press, local cannabis growers and other high energy commercial users looking for a better, more cost-effective way to get the energy they need. For Information, contact Larry Lipman at 303.882.3570.

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