CNC Machining Tooling Data Site Launched

A new CNC tool digitization site has been launched following the partnership announcement between Creston Industrial and CimSource GmbH. The site helps companies to simplify the digitization process.

Creston Industrial Partners has announced a new partnership with German technology company, CimSource GmbH. They aim to offer a seamless cloud-based interface for acquiring and managing digital tooling data and have created a new site to help with this.

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The newly launched site helps companies to better understand the complexity of their digitization journey. It also offers information on how these powerful tools overcome the most difficult of the challenges they will face.

Creston Industrial Partners explains that manufacturers all around the US, including CNC machining companies, are racing to digitize their manufacturing efforts.

They are spending a lot of money to accomplish this goal, however without reliable 3-dimensional, accurate CAD models of the tools themselves, the digitization software packages are useless.

ToolsUnited and ToolLink have now been launched in North America to resolve these issues. They have been successfully implemented in Germany and Japan for years, and now the company hopes to reach an expanded audience in the US.

As part of the launch, they are seeking manufacturers both large and small who can benefit from this new technology.

One of the issues facing companies is that digitization of their machines involves a large collection of data. When tools are manufactured by different companies with different standards and specifications, measurements and standards do not always align and are insufficient for the systems that rely on them.

Digital tool catalogs offer a range of benefits for clients. Digital tool catalogs help businesses to find cutting tools faster, make smarter CNC cutting tool selections, and simplify their workflows.

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The newly launched website, created as part of the partnership between Creston Industrial and CimSource, helps manufacturers to transition more smoothly to digital tooling solutions.

Manufacturers can now get specialist help with the digitization process through ToolsUnited and ToolLink. These systems are explained in detail through video on the above-mentioned website.

Creston Industrial President, David Darling, states: “Connecting all the dots and getting everything to seamlessly integrate requires a Herculean effort. ToolsUnited and ToolLink solve that.”

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