Club Z! Tutoring of St. Louis Navigates the “New Normal” with Learning Pods

Unprecedented times cause anxiety for parents and students. Club Z! Tutoring of St. Louis & Chesterfield, MO provides Learning Pods, in-person or online, to enhance student learning experiences.

Learning environments and teaching methods have to change due to COVID-19. Club Z! Tutoring understands that these unprecedented times, because of the coronavirus, can cause anxiety for both parents and students.

“Schools are taking a variety of educational approaches this year from limited in-person, online and hybrid teaching. This changes the dynamics in learning for students and also creates chaos for parents to keep up with. All of these changes and chaos will affect and delay learning for many students. As a result, we’ve designed Learning Pods, which are small learning groups of 3-5 students led by a qualified tutor,” said Michael Flavin, Area Director of Club Z! Tutoring, with locations in St. Louis and Chesterfield, MO.

Additionally, Flavin said, “Our Learning Pods can fully replace school entirely or supplement the student’s current learning experience. Our goal is to provide affordable, educational experiences for students to combat any learning delay. We’re invested in the learning success of St. Louis students.”

Learning Pods provide an affordable local tutoring solution in a home, in a communal location or online. Small group learning experiences or “learning pods” are led by qualified tutors and comprised of student peers.

As parents have seen, social distancing has drastically reduced socialization for students. In addition to education experiences, Learning Pods provide students with the opportunity to socialize with others. Pods can be formed with students from the same grade & school or with students from other schools, yet similar interests.

Club Z! Tutoring serves families in the St. Louis and Chesterfield, MO areas and offers several school support programs, in-home or online, taught by highly qualified educators. Their tutors help families in several ways, such supplementing instruction or teaching courses from start to finish, recommending curriculum and assessments. Club Z! tutors help students from pre-k to pre-med, with ACT, SAT and SSAT Test Prep, student skills and reading & writing skills enhancement programs. Their tutors are also available to support St. Louis students and Chesterfield students with school-based distance learning programs.

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