Clovis CA Mexican Healthy Fast Food Home Cooked Restaurant Launched

Baja Fresh has opened a store in Clovis CA at the Sierra Vista Mall. It is known for its zeal for using only fresh ingredients. They don't even have a freezer or microwave in their kitchen.

Baja Fresh Store has launched operations in Clovis, CA at the Sierra Vista Mall. This Mexican Food Fast Food Restaurant gives shoppers a healthy nutritious and fresh choice of food at the food court. The fast-food Mexican chain is known nationally for it’s fresh, nutritious and healthy food.

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This location of Baja Fresh has been launched after research found a gap for choices in fresh and nutritious Mexican Food in the Clovis area. Baja Fresh dishes are all prepared inhouse following recipes that have been passed down through several generations. Thy only use farm-fresh ingredients that are brought to the store on a daily basis

They believe that life should be full of variety, positive energy, and zest and that that food should reflect this philosophy. For almost 30 years the restaurant chain has insisted on fresh ingredients and food prepared in the kitchen.

This unique Mexican restaurant has insisted on no freezers, no canned food, and no microwaves in its kitchens. With today’s emphasis on nutrition and eating clean, there is no better choice for a snack, lunch or dinner than Baja Fresh at Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis, CA.

Some of the restaurant’s all-time favorites are the Baja Bowl, Quesadilla, Fajitas, and Nachos. The launch of this Baja Fresh also brings it’s salads to the health-conscious customers. Its salads include the Baja Ensalada, Tostada, Grilled Shrimp Chile Lime Salad, and the Baja BBQ Chicken Salad.

Traditional burritos and tacos are served as well as those with a more modern flair. Burritos include the Grilled Soft Tacos, Carnita, Baja Mexicano, the Roasted Veggie Burrito, the Burrito Ultimo, and the Enchilado Style Burrito. The tacos and taquitos are the Baja Taco, Americano Taco. Grilled Shrimp Taco, Crispy Wahoo (Ono) Taco, Fire-Grilled Wahoo (Ono) Taco, Chicken or Steak soft tacos, and Fire-Grilled Chicken Taquitos.

Everyone is invited to the launch of this fun and exciting Baja Fresh at the Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis, CA. For further information see the above or call (559) 322-7000

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