Cloud Remote Data Storage/Backup – SaaS Cybersecurity IT Solutions Launched

Technology Source (+1-800-340-8115) have recently updated their cloud computing and infrastructure provider sourcing services, connecting people with IT professionals that can help them externally store and manage their company data.

The sourcing-as-a-service company are now offering to connect their clients with the most advanced cloud computing systems at wholesale prices, including the industry-leading providers Bixly, AppSmart, Lumen, and CloudScale 365. By engaging with cutting-edge cloud services, businesses can better protect their data from cyber threats, increase the speed of their operations, and cut back on the costs of managing their own software.

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Their cloud and infrastructure providers are now offering support with data backup and storage, as well as hosting and colocation. Cloud computing involves using remote servers to manage and process company data, allowing people to avoid the steep costs of storing their data internally. Moreover, running their databases and servers on a larger cloud provider’s network enables them to access more effective cybersecurity systems and scale their operations for business growth.

Founded in 1998, Technology Source is a full-service technology distributor that devises innovative strategies in order to meet client business’ requirements at competitive prices. Their team can negotiate top deals on their clients’ behalf, helping business owners to streamline their operations and maximize their revenue without increasing their tech budgets.

Their consultants are aware of the ever-evolving field of technology and make sure their representatives are trained in understanding and selecting the latest service products for their clients. The sourcing-as-a-service solution provider can help its clients save time and money when searching for expert teams in telecommunications, cybersecurity, and managed services.

Moreover, they can also connect business owners with providers specializing in digital marketing, IT help desks, and hardware support. They offer each client a personal consultant that can research and deliver the most effective technology services.

They coordinate products from over 500 service providers across the globe, identifying the best options based on their clients’ specific location and professional requirements. They have worked with companies in a multitude of industries including retail, healthcare, and manufacturing.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Our free sourcing-as-a-service solution gives you a long-term partner who advises on all of your options and negotiates the best pricing with service providers – turning exposed businesses into scalable enterprises.”

More information can be found by visiting or by calling +1-800-340-8115.

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