Cloud PBN Is About To Take The SEO World By Storm

New SEO service - Cloud PBN is about to go live and take the SEO world by storm. Thousands of businesses and online marketers who have suffered from Google penalties will have a second bite at the cherry with this groundbreaking service.

Billingham, United Kingdom – September 1st, 2014 /PressCable/

For years webmasters and online marketers have wrestled with Google in order to rank their websites and get free traffic. However, recent changes with Googles algorithm has resulted in many businesses seeing a drop in their online sales.

This week brings some great news as new SEO service – Cloud PBN goes live and brings hope to those that have previously been affected.

Cloud PBN allows users to create a network of “SEO” websites that can fire off powerful signals to Google resulting in higher rankings for their main websites.

SEO expert and online marketer Andy Black praises the new service saying, “Cloud PBN offers a new kind of technology that hasn't been seen before. Users of Cloub PBN will be able to quickly build these private blog networks and create super powerful backlinks in no time. That's fantastic news for us marketers”.

The brains behind this new service are Wyatt Jozwowski, Devin Zander and Valentin Jed. Three guys that have also been behind the development of previous systems built to improve a websites rankings.

Cloud PBN is hosted from one focal website where users log in and manage their network. The system can then optimize a users private network which can then be put to work building what is called “backlinks” and creating content.

The state of SEO also known as search engine optimization has changed over the years according to Andy Black, “The goal posts have moved lots of times in terms of ranking your content in Google. They release update after update and it is pretty much hard to keep up with what works and what doesn't. Cloud PBN focuses on what does work right now and what works well”.

Andy Black is offering a special software bonus for those that invest in Cloud PBN through his website. Buyers will receive a copy of his Cloud PBN Bonus which is his brand new Youtube ranking software – Tube Tycoon.

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