Cloud based financial audit software tailored for SMEs

Tickmark Audit Software have launched a low-cost, risk-minimising auditing solution developed by auditors to perform a wide range of audit activities in a single framework. It provides versatile, paperless auditing with total security without the expense of any additional software.

Tickmark Audit Software, as a comprehensive financial audit software, has been further enhanced by adding the statistics analysis function. Hence, along with offering an affordable, user-friendly, paperless and powerful cloud-based platform which optimizes the audit process, it now also allows auditors to review all project stats in a matter of a couple of clicks.

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Tickmark Audit software, which has been successfully in use since 2013, is a completely ISA-compliant and risk-minimizing audit solution. Additionally, since Tickmark is a cloud-based software utilizing Amazon Web Services (with 99,9% uptime) you can always safely store and access your data without having to worry whether the system will crash! This feature also frees up some of your budget since subscription to Amazon Web Services is included in the price of the software, i.e. you will not have to spend additional money on expensive storage and backup hardware.

Additional Tickmark features include ISA-compliant working papers, tailored audit procedures, plans, checklists, review procedures, archiving rules, as well as a clear chain/layout of the team’s responsibilities. All this contributes to the reduction of audit risk through standardization and unification of audit methodology.

Tickmark audit software also offers a lot of flexibility in regards to when and where you can do the work since the software works even without the internet connection, and once you are connected to the internet all the work is synchronized. This feature allows remote team members to work simultaneously on the same project. The Mobile module allows you to access and monitor the teams work from your mobile devices, so you can easily maintain control and accountability over your audit process even on the go.

Now, to top it all off, Statistics Tool offers information about all project status in seconds. To be more exact, you can review the completeness of tasks by project, by team member, track individual team member’s work or gain a quick helicopter view of all the projects’ statuses.

Other Tickmark products also include the Tickmark Reporting Tool – a natural extension to Audit Software since it allows easy compilation of different financial reports (such as financial statements, management reports with KPIs and consolidated reports) based on the import of the trial balance. Therefore, it can be used in audit engagements for easy production of lead schedules and analytical reviews, or as a management reporting and consolidation tool in companies with multiple entities.

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