Cloud-Based Business Portfolio Analysis Resource Allocation Project Tool Launch

A powerful new version of the cutting-edge ResourceFirst tool from PDWare has been launched. Businesses can benefit from advanced planning and achieve their growth and success goals.

PDWare has announced the launch of ResourceFirst version 8.0, a powerful advanced planning software that offers new functionality for businesses. The team has been working with customers to continue to innovate and improve their award-winning platform, and offers a range of new features in this latest release.

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PDWare version 8.0 ensures advanced planning through cutting-edge functionality. Users benefit from complete alternate scenario creation and modification capability, enabling rapid response to changes in circumstance.

The unique What-If functionality has been improved, allowing business owners to discover when the best time to start a project is. Snapshots for comparison and reporting are included, and head counts for financial targets can be added by organization, country or site.

A newly enhanced Output Modeler allows users to translate processes and data into resource demand, providing a unique ability to create predictive analysis and adjust numbers. Users can also use past projects to create new ones, allowing the organization to capitalize on lessons learned.

New search capabilities are also present. General text search and multi-value filters make it easier for users to find the information that’s needed. Additional user-level features can further define and keep settings, filters, columns and more.

ResourceFirst ensures that business clients can gain a clear picture of their resource needs. Rather than relying on faulty spreadsheets, clients can ensure their projects develop and grow through results-backed methodology and solutions.

The powerful platform can help clients to elevate their visibility and planning to ensure long-term success. It helps clients to improve alignment, productivity and value in as little as two weeks.

The team states: “PDWare’s ResourceFirst software puts resource planning front and center, allowing your organization to continuously align your valuable resources with the most important projects and programs.”

The advanced prioritized allocation tells clients when their resources are over located. It can also pinpoint which projects are not getting the resources they need.

The software can be set up and running within days, aligning people, teams and projects with the most important strategies of the business.

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Release ID: 88961411