Clive Somers Reading Glasses Shine in Magazine Editorial Shoot

The Clive Somers iconic reading glasses line was shot and styled by celebrity fashion photographer Caesar Lima, on location at his stunning Malibu home. The pictures will be featured in a national lifestyle magazine editorial in September.

Clive Somers reading glasses were the focus of a recent editorial shoot by internationally renowned fashion and product photographer Caesar Lima. The editorial shoot was designed to showcase reading glasses as a fashion accessory, and to dispel the outdated negative perceptions often associated with reading glasses.

Most people over the age of 40 will need reading glasses at some point in their lives, yet the choices in reading glasses are mostly at the extreme ends of the fashion spectrum – either flashy or frumpy, with little in the way of quality in between. The Caesar Lima editorial shoot, which will be featured in national lifestyle magazine, Men’s Essentials, showcases Clive Somers reading glasses as a complement and an accessory to on-trend consumers in an everyday lifestyle setting.

As consumers move on from contact lenses, sales of OTC readers, as reading glasses are classified, have increased substantially across all age groups and demographics. In an effort to address a growing part of the market, those concerned with fashion as much as function, Clive Somers has taken the designer sunglasses approach to reading glasses. Using luxury components such as handmade cellulose acetate frames and polycarbonate lenses, Clive Somers is aiming for a design-conscious segment of the market, though at a price point that’s more affordable than more established designer or luxury eyewear brands.

The reading glasses market has been impacted by two major shifts in the population over the last decade. The first is that eyewear has become increasingly fashionable, with sales in North America, Europe and Australia climbing steadily year over year. Secondly, further positive growth has been driven by demographic factors, as a result of an ageing population.

Damian Loth, publisher of Men’s Essentials said, “Clive Somers was chosen for the editorial because it’s is an edited collection of reading glasses designed for those concerned with personal style and value for money. To a casual observer, they don’t look like reading glasses at all, they just look good.”

“We wanted to show our readers that you don’t need to spend luxury brand money for stylish, quality reading glasses.”

Photographer Caesar Lima has received many international photography and advertising awards for his work. Most recently he was featured in the Best of the Best Photographers 2016 (One Eyeland Book) and the 200 Best Ad Photographers. His luxurious Malibu home is often the backdrop to shoots for major brands such as Audi and Pantene.

“With its abundant natural light, gorgeous ridgetop setting, modern design and styling, it’s a truly first-class location, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result,” said Bill Head, founder of the Clive Somers brand.

About Clive Somers:

Clive Somers is an edited collection of designer reading glasses featuring handmade cellulose acetate frames and premium polycarbonate, scratch-proof lenses and 100% UV protection. Available in traditional and progressive lenses as well as sunglasses. Tel: (604) 682 6891

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