Clinton Economic Plan VS Trump Tax Returns To Be Focus Of British T-Shirt Craze

The 'Either Way...' Movement has turned its attention to the US Presidential candidates' economic policies ahead of the 2nd debate on Sunday 9th October – putting forth the opinion that the USA will be no better off one way or the other.

In the wake of a heated opening debate between the two primary US Presidential Candidates for the 2016 election, the ‘Either Way…’ Movement has turned its attention to the candidates’ economic policies, which are a likely topic for the 2nd debate on Sunday 9th October – putting forth the opinion that the USA will be no better off one way or the other.

The article initially reporting and promoting the ‘Either Way…’ movement and controversy can be found at The Daily Moss.

The online debate between supporters of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have each argued their chosen candidate’s economic plan is superior. The ‘Either Way…’ campaign claims both plans will be ultimately ineffectual and unless extreme action is taken, the market cycle will dictate.

Hillary Clinton’s economic plan focuses on raising taxes on the wealthy, while increasing investment in job education and giving tax breaks to companies hiring domestically. Donald Trump, a seasoned entrepreneur, focuses more on cutting taxes in order to raise the incentive and reward for domestic businesses and re-negotiating deals to put America back into a prime position.

Critics of Clinton’s Economic Reform mention Hillary’s rumored backdoor deals with major financial institutions, while opponents of Trump refer to his numerous bankruptcies and urging to simply make promises that would appease the public without having an assured plan to see it through.

One example laid out by the ‘Either Way…’ campaign is how forcing tariffs on the country’s major trade partners is like charging the milkman to bring you milk – suggesting cavalier treatment of economic factors this influential is extremely dangerous. Comments on Mrs. Clinton’s policies are often far less polite and include references to ‘handbag shopping’.

The founder of has been noted as saying:

“Even though neither candidate wins trust unanimously, we have to trust in the senior advisor’s abilities to rein them in and guide them right”.

Sunday’s 2016 2nd Presidential Debate can be viewed on all major stations and streamed online. Examples of the controversial T-Shirts that are gaining rapid popularity can be seen at

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