Clinical Exam Workshop Helps Graduating Counselors Avoid 30% Failure Rate In Licensing

Failure awaits nearly one third of Graduating Counselors on State licensing exams, and Clinical Exam Workshop offers them the chance to join a group with a 95% pass rate.

Graduation day is a happy one for most. Unfortunately for students graduating with a Masters in Counseling, there could be cognitive trauma just around the corner. After graduation comes the complicated process of state licensure to practice as a counselor, with most requiring the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Exam (NCMHCE) in their licensure process. All therapists taking the test have completed their degrees; most have accrued hundreds of hours of clinical experience, yet as many as 30% fail. Clinical Exam Workshop exists to change this. is a site offering workshops that train therapists how to pass the NCMHCE. Founder Jonathan Maletz created the program in 2011 after seeing the injustice of an $80,000 education being thrown away due to a subjective exam.

Clinical Exam Workshop offers workshops and practice examinations that enable people to prepare for and pick through the confusing structure, and begin to assess the key markers that define the subjective examiner’s requirements. With this training, the pass rate leaps to 94%.

“I’ve spoken with hundreds of therapists who graduated with high grades, who have excellent clinical skills, and who failed this exam”, says Jonathan Maletz, “The challenge isn’t the material, it’s about understanding the mindset of the test designers - especially since the DSM-5 additions in April. These are subjective examinations, but unfortunately they’re required in most states. Individuals can check at to see if they need to pass the exam to work in their State, then find practice exams for $45 a time on the same site. Through us, most qualified counselors are able to find the missing pieces they need to perfect their approach and pass the test.”

About Clinical Exam Workshop: Clinical Exam Workshop offers practical advice, guidance and crucial insights into the process of taking the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Exam, all led by Jonathan Maletz, a licensed therapist and professional trainer. As a clinician, he has 19 years experience in general private practice which includes 10 years specializing in family therapy via the Juvenile Justice system. As a presenter, Mr. Maletz uses his clinical skills to engage audiences in order to make his material both accessible and enjoyable.

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