Clinical Edge Inc. Announces Cutting-Edge Visual Acuity Certification For Trials

With the medical sector facing increased scrutiny from regulators, a Milwaukee, WI-based company specializing in visual acuity trial certification announces updated on-site and remote services for contract research organizations (CROs).

Clinical Edge Inc.’s latest launch provides industry-leading assessment, logistical support, and implementation of clinical standards for ophthalmological trials. The company offers support to its partners on a global scale, upholding and protecting key primary and secondary points for optical products and processes.

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The announcement details a range of benefits for Clinical Edge Inc. partners. The company offers versatility and a client-led approach, providing dedicated support services for an extensive range of study protocols. Clinical Edge Inc. oversees a network of operations throughout the USA, South America, the UK, Europe, Russia, India, and the Far East.

Advances in modern medicine have seen the integration of increasingly sophisticated technologies into the eye care space. The pace of change in medical research presents challenges to healthcare providers who must abide by increasingly stringent standards in all aspects of service delivery. Teams of highly-skilled investigators provide a detailed assessment of the safety and efficacy of proposed protocols on patient outcomes, ensuring adherence to the codes of practice in a provider’s country of operation.

Clinical Edge Inc. provides tailored services in visual acuity certification. These include certification and the training necessary for the provision of BCVA and other vision tests, clinical personnel training, the inspection of equipment and examination rooms, consultation for establishing protocols, and investigator meeting training.

Clients also benefit from certification services for trial frame refraction, Pelli-Robson contrast sensitivity testing, intraocular pressure, pachymetry, and testing for color vision, low luminance, and reading speed.

About Clinical Edge Inc.

Since its inception in 2004, the company has helped thousands of optometry providers deliver the highest standards of visual acuity examination, garnering a reputation as the industry leader in the ophthalmic clinical trial space. Led by MD Lisa Laskowski and COO Saqib Parkar, Clinical Edge Inc. has built a large network of partners and infrastructure to facilitate accuracy and accountability in all aspects of clinical trials.

Mr. Parkar says, “Our service is designed to reduce deviations in process or skill in the subjective method of vision assessment known as BCVA. Whilst we are a certification company, we often play a substantial role in protocol input, training, and EDC design.”

With its latest service updates, Clinical Edge Inc. affirms its position at the forefront of visual acuity certification solutions for CROs and pharmaceutical companies trying to bring new products to market.

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