Client Attraction Strategies For Life Coaches – 5-Step Course Updated

As more people look to motivational consultants to help them achieve their personal and career goals, a renowned marketing psychology agency announces an updated client attraction course for life coaches.

The Trappel Academy’s latest launch offers subscribers the chance to improve their customer engagement strategies, stand out from the competition, and increase their revenue by following a proven step-by-step approach to business success.

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The Magic Client Attraction strategy gives customers lifetime access to the learning portal along with two years’ worth of content ideas to bolster their marketing efforts once they have completed the training program. The course is based on extensive market research and the psychology of buyer behavior.

According to a 2020 ICF Global Coaching Study, coaching is now a $2.85 billion global industry, increasing 21% since 2015. While the Internet age offers entrepreneurs and business owners unprecedented opportunities to reach new customers, the sheer scale of competition for consumer attention makes growing a coaching business a real challenge.

The Trappel Academy’s course collates research from fields as diverse as neuroscience, quantum physics, energetics, spirituality, and the extensive experience of the program’s author Aura Trappel.

The Magic Client Attraction Strategy is a five-module program that includes lessons on client pursuit, maximizing operational and marketing efficiency, a five-step formula proven to get real-world results, motivational psychology, and designing one’s attraction plan.

In addition, subscribers also receive a complimentary course handbook, inspiration for ongoing content, and a copy of the 90-Day Success Letter. The training can be accessed from anywhere and is compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop devices.

About Trappel Academy

Founded ten years ago by acclaimed author, coach, and marketing strategist Aura Trappel, the academy seeks to empower coaches and entrepreneurs across various sectors to reach new markets and turn curious customers into loyal clients. Aura transformed her business from a $31,000 turnover in its first year to a 6-figure concern within 12 months.

Aura says, “I work with new and aspiring coaches, empowering them with confidence, clarity, and conviction to reach and maintain their desired goals.”

Trappel Academy affirms its position as the go-to learning resource for life coaches with the latest course updates.

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