CLICKFUNNELS Announces Special Offer-14 day FREE Trial plus 10 Amazing Bonuses

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CONCLUSION: As someone that's been using clickfunnels going on 4 years, I can tell you from personal experience, if you need more sales, then clickfunnels 14-day FREE trial offer is for you.

Business Owners and Professionals alike interested in creating an online presence are encouraged to try ClickFunnels as part of the newly announced 14-day FREE trial offer. ClickFunnels takes away the hassle of building professional-looking web pages with built-in marketing features. It helps those less techie to compete with their business rivals online.

More details about signing up are available by CLICKING HERE

The new announcement reflects the demand for online support and web services because of the global health crisis. Many business owners must now sell online to remain competitive. Although many restrictions have been lifted globally, the retail sector is still struggling. Using an online store offers many benefits for business owners.

This is especially true when the pages are hosted by ClickFunnels as part of its software-as-a-service (SAAS) package. This saves company owners time and money as page updates are automatically installed. It also gives them access to all the latest features as soon as they are ready.

Further information is available by CLICKING HERE:

ClickFunnels helps business owners convert leads to sales and has built-in upsell pages…all this is done on autopilot….it’s a set it and forget it sort of thing…with a funnel, you have a 24 hour, 7 days a week salesperson that never gets tired and never asks for the day off and is never late for work. This kind of targeted marketing is growing in popularity, as impulse and unplanned purchases can add a tremendous revenue stream and therefore increase the viability of a company.

Once a customer is ready to complete their purchase, a brand or company has a small window of opportunity to capitalize on this mindset to increase their sales. Funnels can automatically offer an upsell right after someone makes a purchase of your original product.

If the upsell is packaged correctly, it will sell much like the up-sizing happens at a Mcdonald’s.

You drive into the McDonalds for the Cheeseburger and Coke for the special advertised price McDonald’s barely breaks even on. That’s to get you to the window…then, at the window, they ask the first upsell question…”Do you want fries or an apple turnover with that order?”.

Then after you have said yes to that upsell, they don’t mess around, they ask the next upsell question immediately…”Do you want the EXTRA LARGE size for only a small amount more?

They have you sitting at their window and they can keep asking until you say no. Now, at this point, the profit McDonald’s makes on these small upsells is…well, we all know how well McDonald’s has done, don’t we?

And that’s the way a funnel works

Aside from increasing sales, the services provided by ClickFunnels can form part of a business transformation strategy. This is partly because of the integrated marketing elements. They help business owners to follow up with customers even after they have visited the website. This approach enables brands and businesses to build authentic relationships with their customers.

A satisfied client wrote: “I’ve been building out my new funnel inside of ClickFunnels, and after doing it, the idea of using anything else is daunting to me. I would need membership software, landing pages, order forms, and then still figure out how to tie them all together.”

“I will never go through that again because of ClickFunnels,” they added.

To find out more about this Clickfunnel 14-day FREE trial and register, interested parties are encouraged to visit this link CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

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