ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Case Study From ClickFunnels Super Affiliate

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Jeff Aman started has been an affiliate marketer since 2008. In the very short time that Jeff Aman has been an affiliate with ClickFunnels he has already risen to be one of the top affiliates.

Jeff Aman recently revealed a brand new case study on the ClickFunnels affiliate program. This case study demonstrates that over $2,900 in up front affiliate commissions was collected and $1,200 in projected recurring monthly revenue was generated in an 8 day period.

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program case study also made it obvious that his method for generating sales with the ClickFunnels affiliate program is something that can be taught to any affiliate that is willing to learn the steps Jeff Aman lays out for you.

Jeff Aman says in the Clickfunnels affiliate program case study that there are many people looking for insights and answers about the ClickFunnels affiliate program. The biggest concern or fear that people have about the ClickFunnels affiliate program is whether or not they will be able to succeed with the program. Jeff Aman makes it abundantly clear in his ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Case Study that he gives guidance to those who want to learn his secrets.

Jeff Aman goes into great detail in the case study that affiliate programs like the ClickFunnels Affiliate program are the types of affiliate programs that can deliver the most success. He explains that focusing on promoting an affiliate offer like ClickFunnels will give a better chance that customers will remain a customer for a very long time. This is the case because ClickFunnels is a tool that is needed over and over again by the customer.

This means that the ClickFunnels affiliate program pays it’s affiliates on a monthly recurring basis and that payments come in as long as the customer you refer remains a customer.

This makes the ClickFunnels affiliate program one of the most powerful affiliate programs available to join. Jeff Aman also goes on to explain in the case study that the program is also extremely friendly t new affiliates who are learning affiliate marketing for the very first time.

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