ClickBank University 2.0 by Justin Atlan & Adam Horwitz Course Review Launched

Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan launched a next-generation affiliate marketing software platform and training program, ClickBank University 2.0. The platform is designed to enable users to drastically increase their sales of whatever affiliate product they are promoting.

Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan announced the launch of ClickBank University 2.0, a new online marketing platform designed to help sellers, affiliates and marketers use ClickBank to make money online. ClickBank University 2.0 delivers the latest up to date strategies, methods, and tactics and enables users to build their ClickBank business rapidly. It is features the ultimate training program that ensures the rapid business growth of any affiliate marketng business.

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The platform creators everything marketers need from creating a sales page to the basics of affiliate marketing. Users will learn how to sell their product, drive traffic to their sales pages, create an email list and work with partners.

They will explore proven strategies for increasing sales and creating engaging traffic-generating product pages and websites that convert.

The affiliate market is a great place for newcomers to learn about sales and create a sustainable, profitable, location-independent online business. Anyone can become a member of Clickbank University and learn the basics of affiliate marketing as well as discover some advanced tested affiliate marketing strategies.

The creative minds behind ClickBank University are Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz. Justin Atlan made his first million dollars with ClickBank as a publisher of his own products and is affiliated with Clickbank University and book marketing.

The training course features 8-week Affiliate Track. As one of ClickBank’s top earners, Adam Horwitz will be handling this core curriculum. He has been featured on CNN Money, Yahoo Finance, and Business Insider as a ClickBank affiliate marketing guru.

The 8-week affiliate track course is targeted at online marketing enthusiasts who simply want to promote other people’s products and generate a solid income. It’s a good way to start a successful journey marketing on ClickBank.

ClickBank University features also a 12-Week Publisher Track, during which Justin Atlan will embark on practical step-by-step instructions on how to create wealth as a ClickBank publisher of own information products.

It’s a rich course that opens the eyes of aspiring online publishers on how to publish information that creates multiplying returns. Milana Atlan is also one of the teaching experts at the university.

Additional bonuses coming with the purchase of the platform include bi-weekly expert classes, targeted trainings and invaluable tools and resources, specially curated add-on trainings, live demonstrations, real-life examples and more.

Adam Horwitz is a co-founder of ClickBank University, entrepreneur and famous YouTube blogger. He teaches the affiliate track in the program and how users can effectively sell products online and generate handsome commissions.

Users can use the platform to create their own information products to advertise and sell via ClickBank.

Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz train users on how to to take their passion and turn it into an online business, a must for any online entrepreneur. They both have excellent personal track records with ClickBank and are among the mentors who have walked the talk.

Learn more about Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz’ business model and their powerful platform ClickBank University 2.0 by visiting the above-mentioned URL.

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