ClickBank Affiliate Beginner Best Products To Sell For Profit Training Launched

Robby Blanchard, Facebook marketing expert and ClickBank's Number One World Super Affiliate, shares his success secrets in a newly launched online training workshop.

ClickBank’s leading affiliate marketer Robby Blanchard has announced the launch of his complimentary online workshop, Commission Hero, where he offers training in his business strategies and marketing methods.

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The new training opportunity provides guidance on effective ways to select and run ClickBank affiliate marketing campaigns on Facebook.

The workshop shares Robby Blanchard’s method for creating a revenue stream through online marketing without the requirement for experience, technical skills, a product, a website or an email list.

The training is based on Robby’s 3 Secrets: how to find high quality offers that will generate revenue, how to use a Facebook account to run profitable adverts on ClickBank, and how to use a 3-Step System to psychologically encourage people to make purchases.

Originally a gym owner, Robbie’s online marketing journey began with locally targeted adverts for his own business and online information product for CrossFitters. Utilizing the knowledge he gained while promoting his own businesses, he diversified into advertising ClickBank products for others, creating an efficient revenue stream and gaining him the accolade of being ClickBank’s leading affiliate marketer.

Robby has developed this training opportunity as a means of sharing with others the success he has found through ClickBank affiliate marketing. The aim is to enable individuals to achieve financial security and freedom by training them in the skills required to build consistent revenue with online affiliate marketing.

Robby said “It took me four and a half years to get to where I am today, but that’s only because I just didn’t have a roadmap to success and was making a lot of dumb mistakes. If I could have someone guiding me on how to do it could take me a few weeks or a few months, but definitely not four and a half years.”

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