Click-A-Brick’s Army Defenders Building Toy Set Maintains High Amazon Rating

The Click-A-Brick Army Defenders set has been garnering high praise on Amazon, maintaining an average rating of almost five stars on the retail sales site. Reviewers have been praising the building toy’s ability to keep children entertained and stimulate their imaginations.

Since Click-A-Brick’s Army Defender’s set launched in April, it has steadily been receiving positive reviews on Amazon, maintaining an almost five-star average on the retail sales site. Company Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza say they are pleased the 100-piece set has been receiving such good feedback from customers, noting it is this feedback, even more than sales numbers, that speaks to the success of the product.

The majority of reviews are of the five-star variety and many of them point to Click-A-Brick’s ability to keep children entertained for hours and to enable them to build in all directions, something the company has taken pride in since the release of its very first set.

Another thing reviewers appreciated about the building toy is that it often prompted parents to play with their children. Sometimes it was to help younger children to follow along with the included instructions and other times it was just to simply play with the bricks, with or without the children there.

Children of all ages appear to like the set, which comes with instructions to build a number of different military vehicles. Parents and customers of children aged three to 13 say their children (or whoever they purchased the set for) spend hours creating with it and playing with the toys afterward, as the creations are sturdy enough to play with like a pre-made toy. Many of the younger children the reviewers cite simply enjoy connecting the bricks whether they are trying to create something or merely enjoying the clicking of the bricks as they snap them together randomly.

The entire Click-A-Brick team is pleased to be able to visit the Army Defenders’ Amazon product page and see the stars all filled in, Click-A-Brick Co-Founder Jason Smith says, as it speaks to the toy’s true success in the market.

“Once again, we are very much appreciative of our customers and fans for their honest feedback about Click-A-Brick,” Smith said. “What they are saying they like about Click-A-Brick are the very things that we usually present as the selling points of the toy. To us, that means it’s giving customers the experience they expect and we’re happy that they’re expressing their pleasure with that experience and sharing their stories about how Click-A-Brick is enriching the lives of their children (and their spouses in some cases). We get the odd negative review, too, but we don’t just ignore these because they have valid points in them a lot of the time. We use them to try and make Click-A-Brick better so more people can enjoy it.”

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