Clever Messenger Stefan Van Der Vlag FB Facebook Bot Creator Software Launched

A new Messenger bot creation tool, Clever Messenger, allowing marketers to easily build unlimited and highly engaging messenger bots which can send unlimited messages and reply differently according to specific trigger words, to automate and improve customer interaction and engagement, has been launched.

Clever Messenger, an easy, versatile and complete Messenger bot creation tool allowing marketers with any technical ‘know how’ to easily create the most engaging messenger bots sending out unlimited messages for customers and prospects, has been launched.

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Facebook Messenger is providing smart and forward-thinking brands, businesses and marketers a new opportunity to stand out and engage their prospects and customers, with an estimated 11% of the world’s population using the FB messenger on a daily basis and more than 1 billion messages currently sent per month between customers and businesses.

To help brands, businesses and marketers with any level of technical ‘know how’ compete in the new FB messenger market and use the same tools some of the biggest brands in the market currently employ to automate and improve their customer interaction and engagement, the Facebook expert Stefan van der Vlag announced the launch of Clever Messenger, an all-in-one bot creation tool which allows anyone to create unlimited and highly engaging messenger bots.

The software offers a simple, versatile and visual drag and drop bot builder letting users easily and quickly create fully customized bots which can send plain text, video, audio or file messages and even menu or carousel items to customers and prospects, reply differently according to specific trigger words and even broadcast unlimited messages with just one click. The Clever Messenger developer, Stefan van der Vlag, explains that “this is the ‘WordPress’ of Messenger bots. It’s an all-in-one messenger bot creation tool, capable of creating any bot we desire. Building highly engaging bots for messenger has never been this easy. There’s literally no technical ‘know how’ required and we can build unlimited bots, for unlimited pages, for every niche, with the most easy and versatile drag n’ drop builder out there right now.”

More information on the Clever Messenger, its easy drag n’ drop bot builder and its unique range of features to help businesses and marketers automate their FB Messenger efforts and engage more prospects along with a real-time demo of the software in action and the ready-made, plug n’ play bot templates include in the software to help marketers get started can be consulted at the website link provided above or at

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