Cleveland Natural Weight Loss Expert Emotional Eating Coaching Program Launched

Life Canyon, a Cleveland-based company that helps women lose weight has launched their one on one emotional eating program to help individuals overcome the causes of overeating due to stress, anxiety or body image issues.

Cleveland Natural Weight Loss Expert Emotional Eating Coaching Program Launched

Adrienne Kraig, the founder of Life Canyon, an online company that helps women with weight gain and slower metabolism problems, launched their new one on one coaching programs to help women overcome emotional eating triggers, self-sabotage, stress and anxiety.

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The newly launched customized programs are for women who eat due to stress or have body image issues. The program focuses on teaching women weight loss methods without punishment, deprivation, resentment, or diet pills.

Kraig created the Emotional Eating Cycle program to show women the patterns behind emotional eating, and how these can lead to weight gain and other lifestyle illnesses like diabetes or heart problems. Kraig’s programs offer guidance on how to break the emotional eating cycle and listen to their body’s own signals.

The definition of emotional eating is eating, often excessively, as a response to stress, boredom, or unhappiness, rather than as a response to physical hunger. Women who work with Adrienne are given tailored advice on how to manage their emotional eating behavior in healthy, natural ways.

The new programs address four key stages that can lead to a cycle of overeating and gaining weight. The stages discussed are triggers, comfort, remorse, and punishment. The company’s founder, Adrienne Kraig, guides her clients through understanding each stage in-depth and helps shift limiting beliefs around each problem.

She also helps her clients stay accountable, motivated, and inspired as they lose weight.

Adrienne’s programs are delivered through one-to-one personalized sessions to help gain clarity on each woman’s specific needs and the obstacles that prevent them from losing weight and keeping it off.

Life Canyon is a Cleveland-based company owned by certified health transformation coach, Adrienne Kraig. Her programs aid women in achieving and sustaining their weight loss goals.

Kraig says, “My mission is to help women maintain healthy habits while enjoying delicious food, having fun, and feeling good about themselves and their body. I strongly believe that women shouldn’t feel ashamed, deprived, or punished when trying to achieve their goals to have the healthy and confident body they deserve.”

More information about the emotional eating program is available at the URL above.

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