Clearwater FL MedSpa Marketing Media Coverage Expert Digital SEO Agency Launched

New Clearwater, FL med spa marketing service has been launched by MedSpa New Media. They strive to position medical spas as leaders in their field, connecting them with more high-paying patients.

MedSpa New Media, a leading creative marketing agency in Florida, has launched a new media coverage service to help Clearwater, FL med spas grow their online visibility. The focus of their new online exposure service is on helping medical spas to get more high-paying patients and upsell bigger packages to existing clients.

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Eric Flat, the founder CEO of MedSpa New Media, is a medspa marketing expert and has years of experience getting medical aesthetic practices more exposure through his connections with the media. Now, through the launch of his new service, he aims to extend his expertise to Clearwater, FL medi spas and medical aesthetics professionals.

The newly launched services are designed to provide hyper-local media marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and recognition. This helps to engage, convert, and retain medispa patients while building a stronger overall web presence.

Many medical spa owners have expressed concerns about market saturation and the number of new med spas opening in their market areas – namely, increased competition. Without expanding brand visibility and online exposure via reputation marketing, it can be hard for one clinic to stand out.

Compounding the issue is that most clinics don’t have the time to keep up to date with Google’s latest ranking algorithms. This is where it can be highly beneficial to work with an online digital SEO marketing specialist like MedSpa New Media agency.

Their professional content marketing team creates viral and engaging hyper-local ad campaigns with search engine optimized, keyword-rich content. Advertising this content on more than 400 high traffic news sites, blogs and other media platforms leads to expanded online visibility and rankings on Google search.

For clients, there are a number of benefits to this process. Firstly, there are no contracts so they can cancel at any time. Secondly, all of the work is fully handled by the MedSpa New Media team so clients can enjoy a “done for you” approach to brand growth.

MedSpa New Media’s client onboarding process begins with the research stage, where the team will identify the types of patients with the highest lifetime customer value for the med spa. A thorough market competition analysis is then performed to identify the gaps in the online visibility of competing medical spas. Based on the research data, a 12 month personalized media marketing campaign will then be created.

With pro-grade content created by experts in the field, clients can see fast results as soon as their first campaign is run. These news articles, slide presentations, videos, and audio ads will gain traction on high traffic sites like NBC, Fox News, CBS, Google News, Slideshare, YouTube, Vimeo, and others, leading to immediate reach – while high-authority backlinks ensure the long-term organic ranking success of the client’s website.

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