Cleartronic Inc. To Appear On National Radio Show

Cleartronic is working with The University of South Florida on a self charging battery source. This show will bring all share holders up to date on all the progress that has been made.

Cleartronic Inc. To appear on national radio and webcast show to discuss the progress on development of their radiation heat self charging battery. The company wiil discuss the progress of this “game changing” technology under joint development with The University Of South Florida.

Cleartronic Inc. (CLRI-OTC) will appear on a national radio and webcast, The R.P. Summit Business Hour on Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 at 10am on 95.3FM and 1470am South Florida as well as worldwide on and webcast live on .

Mr. Larry Reid, President of Cleartronic will appear in the studio and discuss the progress on this self charging battery, which in a joint venture with the University of South Florida is now underway.

This self charging battery would benefit pace makers, IPhones, cell phones and scores of other devices from an alternative power source. The military and first responders would also benefit greatly.

“I feel as most a self charging battery would be a game change eliminating the need for an alternative power source to recharge any device” said Mick Bazsuly, show host.

“When Martin Cooper CEO of Motorola condensed 30 pounds of equipment from a car trunk into a 2 pound hand held device, it changed the world. Regardless, it was still and is today dependent on a power source today for recharging. Pace Makers, Cell Phones and Lap Tops are only the tip of the iceberg.”Bazsuly said.

The show will also provide updates on previous guests and other top events. Questions may be submitted in advance to and phone into the Beasley studios at 888-565-1470.

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