Clear Choice Technical Services debunks Why Buying Inkjets is not a Good Option

Inkjets are known to be great for image-heavy documents and has a low start-up cost. However, the inkjet ink to be used is way more expensive than most users think.

If a person decided it is time to get that printer he has always needed, but he has yet to decide what kind of printer that would be. It can be an inkjet, a laser jet, a thermal printer, or perhaps an LED. Different printers serve different purposes so telling him that one is best over the others can be quite complicated.

Inkjets are popular for a reason. They are known to be great for image-heavy documents and high-resolution photos. But what really sets them apart is their low start-up cost. Compared to its direct competitor printer: the laser jet, inkjets are less expensive. Inkjet ink cartridges are also cheaper than the toner cartridges used by laser jets. But do not be fooled for this is where it gets tricky! By looking at all these good qualities alone it could easily appear that inkjets have won the cost-efficiency battle. However, an in-depth analysis coupled with experience with both machines, will tell users otherwise.

How Inkjets Waste Money

Although inkjet printers are cheaper up-front, the inkjet ink to be used is way more expensive than any other ink out there. Imagine having to get the most expensive ink on the shelf all the time. The cost easily gets doubled or tripled, especially if users will be printing a high volume of documents overtime!

Also, once prints are out there, they are very susceptible to water damage and fading since inkjet ink is water-based. This means users might have to print some of their documents again in the future.

Inkjets are also known to waste quite a lot of ink during maintenance. Unfortunately, maintenance is an almost always need for inkjets since their cartridges require frequent cleaning. Why would anyone buy a printer with the most expensive ink only to have them wasted half the time?

Waste of Time: Another Nightmare

Time is gold; that we know. So if a printer is losing its user some time, then he is also losing money. Sadly, Inkjet printers aren’t getting any faster these days. Developers try, but inkjets remain to be very slow when compared to laser printing. As such, high volume printing can still be quite challenging with inkjets.

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