Clear Bra Installers In Colorado Springs Elite Auto Showcases Impressive Gallery

Clear Bra Installation in Colorado Springs is crucial due to debris often kicked up on the busy highways, potentially causing great damage to auto paint. Elite

Colorado Springs, Colorado- Elite Auto Salon, the top automotive center for clear bra installation, paint protection film, as well as window treatments, vehicle wraps, and a variety of other services, have showcased their current projects on their website

On the company’s webpage, you will find an impressive gallery of photos displaying the work Elite Auto Salon has done for the folks of Colorado Springs. The gallery features Ferrari, Tesla and Porsche, The Auto Salon in Colorado Springs, CO- opened in 2006 and has been one of Southern Colorado’s top locations for clear bra installation. According to the company’s website,, The best protection of paint is achieved by covering with a thin layer of invisible polyurethane film which is referred to as a clear bra. The business encourages folks to browse the galleries on their website to see how clear bras can protect the vehicles paint, without changing the look of the paint job.

Benefits for choosing clear bras from Elite Auto Salon in Colorado Springs can be found below:

-Unparalleled Protection

The Clear bra acts as a barrier from debris scratching finish on the front of the car, cushions impacts, prevents scratches and dents, all in a nearly invisible ultra razor-thin urethane film. The Clear bra also helps prevent rock chips, bug damage, dust abrasion, as the ever-present Colorado sand and gravel de-icer. Installation is easy on any surface of the vehicle to protect the paint.

-Long-Lasting and Durable

A properly-installed clear bra can last for as long as someone owns the vehicle. The clear bra will not yellow, fade or bubble. The clear bra will protect the same, as well as be nearly imperceptible for years.

A Clear bra from Elite Auto Salon in Colorado Springs doesn’t only take damage that would normally impact the vehicle’s paint; it cushions the impact so that the clear bra itself remains pristine. The clear bra can be easily removed and replaced if it becomes damaged.

-Tailor Fit Installation

Elite’s clear bra installation is handled on a case-by-case basis. Instead of using kits, the company cuts the material to match the specifics of the vehicle, allowing Elite Auto Salon to offer a variety of protection options including hood, fenders, bumpers, blast zones, rocker panels, door edges, door handles, roof, mirrors, A-pillars, or any other area where you want superior protection. Even glass can be covered, which provides protection for headlights and fog lamps.

-Virtually Maintenance Free

Once the clear bra is applied there isn’t anything else to it, although the clear bra can be treated just like the paint finish, with regular washing and waxing. The clear bra makes a tight bond with the car finish which allows nothing to get underneath including dirt and moisture.

Timothy Cochran of Elite Auto Salon in Colorado Springs says what sets them apart from other Auto shops in the area is the ongoing education of their technicians. “Education sets us apart from everyone else, our technicians attend educational seminars for this industry. We also do a lot of external training, as well as in-house training. At Elite Auto Salon we stay on top of the game and are constantly learning and training in the newest and best techniques in the industry.

The hours for Elite Auto Salon are:

Monday: 9am-6pm

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Friday: 9am-6pm

Any interested parties are encouraged to contact Elite at 719-249-7779

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