Clear Bra Installer in Colorado Springs Introduces New Radar Detection System

Elite Auto Salon, The Springs' premier clear bra installer and car audio experts have announced a new service that many local folks will be very impressed with.

Colorado Springs, CO – Getting caught for speeding can greatly impact a person’s driving record. Speeding tickets will appear on driving records and can have a negative impact. Having a speeding violation on your driving record will also affect your car insurance rate.

Owner of Elite Auto Salon clear bra installers and audio, Timothy Cochran had this to say about the new radar detection system, “Installing radar detection systems on a car can help a driver foresee speed traps. In the process, the driver can avoid costly tickets and high insurance rates. Elite Auto Salon, a clear bra installer, offers a wide range of portable and discreetly-installed radar and laser detectors”.

Elite Auto Salon provides a wide range of GPS-enabled radar detectors that alerts drivers of upcoming school zones, parks, and other areas with children. The system can also be configured to alert the driver of areas with potholes and other hazards.

Car owners also have the option to choose between portable and hardwired installation. The former uses a cord placed between the power and windshield. The latter, on the other hand, is permanently installed on the car. Hardwired systems look better and helps prevent theft.

In Colorado, law enforcers usually use traditional radar detection and laser technology in more congested areas where they target specific vehicles. Elite Auto Salon also offers speed detection kits for both types of systems.

Since 2007, Elite Auto Salon has been pushing the envelope in automotive aesthetic customizations. Its passion in audio spreads into other areas to make it the full-service shop it is today. Elite Auto Salon offers premier automotive aesthetic experience providing the best in car audio, clear bra, window tint, radar detection, and remote start systems.

Elite Auto Salon is located at 124 W Cimorron St., Colorado Springs, Colorado. To request a quote or schedule a consultation, customers can call (719) 3256974. They can also visit the website at

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