Clean Star Products DX1 Driver Kits Available | Improve Gas Diesel Fuel Economy

Clean Star Products LLC, based in Lancaster, California, released their DX1 fuel additive that increases MPG, lowers emissions while cleaning engine. Visit

Clean Star Products LLC (a California Corporation) is launching a Bio-Ester Fuel Savings program that will assist the valued transportation industry. CSP is currently seeking companies to conduct trial operations in performance and fuel mileage. Clean Star Products will be using their DX1 Driver Kits which can be found at

There are 3 main points of value that motorists can expect from the Clean Star Products DX1 Driver Fuel Savings Program. If following the program, drivers can expect: a 10% improvement in fuel economy by tank 3, to release more horsepower and lower harmful emissions from their car, truck or SUV.

For drivers, there are two versions of the Clean Star DX1 Driver fuel additive. For economy cars, CSP offers the DX1 DRIVER Economy Car Starter-Kit. It contains a 4 pack of 4 ounce bottles for all economy cars with 10-20 gallon fuel tanks.

For SUVs and Trucks, CSP offers the DX1 DRIVER Starter-Kit SUV/Truck. This is a 2 pack of 8 ounce bottles for vehicles holding a 20-35 gallon gas or diesel fuel tank.

It is highly recommended that all drivers looking to improve gas mileage and lower emissions subscribe to the Clean Star Products Bio-Ester Fuel Savings Program. For more info on testing results of DX1 on more commercial and industrial applications, visit

If DX1 can lower emissions and improve fuel economy on a commercial and industrial level it will surely outperform for any vehicle on the road. The Clean Star Fuel Savings Program is a usage guide to ensure the best results and it is quite simple.

– On first fuel fill up, add 1 ounce of DX1 per 1 gallon of fuel.

– On every fuel fill up after, add 1 ounce of DX1 per 10 gallons of fuel.

– Improve fuel economy by 10% on average by tank fill up 3.

After 3rd fill up, 1 ounce of DX1 treats up to 10 gallons of fuel.

DX1 DRIVER is 100% non-toxic and made from carbon and hydrogen molecules. Upon combustion, the DX1 bio-ester formula is ashless and leaves no residue behind.

Clean Star Products is excited to offer their fuel savings program for new subscribers. More information can be attained at or by calling (323) 209-5359.

This alone is expected to be a huge differentiator from other businesses.

Corbin, Sales Rep at Clean Star Products also wanted to add “Clean Star Products is home to true environmentalists. Real men and women that are unrelenting in doing their part to change the world and reduce the negative effects of climate change by any means necessary. We have found through these miracle products that we are able to do that and overall lower the maintenance and fuel costs of all those who want to be a part of this positive change.”

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