Clean Midwest of Minneapolis Launches new Interactive Website

Clean MidWest is excited to announce the launch of a new website with new services available .

Clean Midwest is excited to announce the launch of a new website. Clean Midwest is a specialized exterior property maintenance company and have been serving the St Paul Minneapolis, Minnesota Twin cities metro area for over a decade. Their services include commercial property pressure washing , power washing, Graffiti removal and abatement along with parking lot striping.

The core of their business is in the cleaning and maintenance of what’s referred to in their area of expertise as “Flat Work”. This means that they work on hundreds of thousands of square feet of concrete sidewalks, loading docks drive ups and so much more. One of the primary reason customers call them is because of those ugly stubborn black gums spots that make their property so unslightly. Many, (even some contractors) think that they way to remove them and clean the concrete areas is by blasting away with as much pressure as possible. They couldn’t be more incorrect! First of all, most pressure washing, when done properly, is a mixture of high water flow and moderate pressure. The secret with gum spot cleaning is hot water. All of their washers have an on board boilerthat can heat the water it uses at the job site and warm it to over 200 degrees. This hot water not only aids tremendously in the cleaning of the whole surface but is a necessity when cleaning gum from concrete. The systems simply melts the old gum and its washed away. Often they do not even need to utilize any cleaning agents or detergents for concrete. The hot water usually does the trick.

Graffiti is another high traffic area of their services offered. It needs to be dealt with in a very serious and professional manner. There are many different cleaning agents that help dissolve different types of paint that the little artists might use. The cleaning agents do most of the work and the operator needs to be knowledgeable in the proper and safe handling and use of them all. A pressure washer is best used to help rinse the tags away after they are treated. High pressure is not needed and should not be used. Most consumer power washers have a water flow of approx. 3-4 gallons per minute. This flow plays the biggest role in the effective and safe cleaning of the property. Clean Midwest does it better because their equipment can generate up to 10 gallons per minute making the whole operation safer and gaining the best outcome.

The third service Clean Midwest offers is parking lot re-striping. They specialize in bringing old faded lines back to life for not only appearance but for the safety of the people who use the lots. In addition is gives the property a clean and well kept look. Often when prospective tenants, store owners etc. check out properties to rent or lease, they take a good look at how it is maintained. If the lines are all faded and the sidewalks are dirty with stain, cigarette buts, debris, and gum spots, they may get the wrong impression and form a conclusion that the owner may not take that much attention with any part of the property. Call on the professionals at Clean Mid West and rest assured the property is in good hands and will be well taken care of. Call today 651-308-0421 or email

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