Clean Choice LLC Announces Covid-19 Disinfection Services

Clean Choice LLC Announces Covid-19 Disinfection Services. Further information can be found at

With the launch of Covid-19 Disinfection Services, Clean Choice is making public facts about the service be known. It has has gone live June 1, 2020. Costumers within the Commercial Cleaning space will find it interesting and timely.

Facts such as how:

The idea for creating the Covid-19 Disinfection service came about after Covid-19 has forced many businesses, schools, and many other organizations to abandon their spaces for an indefinite period of time….

The Covid-19 Disinfection service has actually been in development for months and the team lead by Chad Stierwalt developing it, which is considered to be superior by industry standards. This goes to show commercial cleaning and sanitation services are considered “essential services”. Clean Choice is continuing to support their customers in other essential services including:

– Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

– Following Recommended EPA Guidelines

– Focus on Protecting People

The Disinfection service has been released as part of Clean Choice’s greater plans to help fight COVID-19 and keep employees, students, and customers healthy. This includes keeping their facilities open as needed or as allowed by local and State authorities. It is hoped that this goal will be achieved by whatever timeline is necessary for each individual entity.

Clean Choice got it’s upgraded disinfection services started when Founder Chad Stierwalt noticed a growing need for a specialized Covid-19 Disinfection Services. With decades of prior experience in the Commercial Cleaning world, Chad Stierwalt decided to go ahead and start this specific service in March of 2020.

Chad Stierwalt is quoted saying: “We like to do things to connect with our customers. Things like making courtesy calls to see what more we can do to help our customers and informing them of what is required to do to meet the highest safety standards. The release of our Covid-19 Disinfection services launch is what makes a difference.”

Clean Choice’s Covid-19 Disinfection services is available immediately. To find out more about Clean Choice and the new service, visit

Release ID: 88969256