Classical Guitar Instruction Books & DVDs By Aaron Shearer Arrive At Chord Melody Guitar Music

A new series of classical guitar instruction books with DVDs, known as "The Shearer Method', that teaches all of the various aspects of authentic classical guitar playing has just arrived at Chord Melody Guitar Music.

Chord Melody Guitar Music announces the arrival of the new Aaron Shearer 3 volume series of classical guitar instruction books with DVDs called “The Shearer Method”. All of the important techniques for playing authentic classical guitar are thoroughly explained and demonstrated in great detail in this series. These include rest stroke, free stroke, arpeggios, tremolos, rasqueados, and string crossing for the right hand as well as guide fingers, pivot fingers, scales, chords, full bars, hinge bars, ascending and descending slurs, ornaments, trills, and free finger shifting for the left hand.

This new series of classical guitar instruction books with DVDs is also loaded with duets for aspiring students to perform with the teacher on the DVDs which makes learning how to read music and perform all of the various physical techniques a lot more fun than just playing guitar alone. Students are also provided with full length authentic classical guitar pieces to learn by composers like Fernando Sor, Matteo Carcassi, Fernando Carulli, Dionisio Aguado, Mauro Giuliani, Francis Cutting, Gaspar Sanz, and J.S. Bach. Being able to watch entire pieces being broken down and explained one measure at a time on the DVDs helps guitarists progress more quickly.

Steven Herron, who is the president of Chord Melody Guitar Music, got to study classical guitar with Aaron Shearer at Peabody Conservatory Of Music. He recently commented “This is very exciting for me to see “The Shearer Method” which was Aaron’s final labor of love on our shelves! He completed this huge project just before he passed away. Aaron Shearer changed my life as a classical guitar player. Simply put, he gave me hands and taught me how to learn. Guitarists all over the world will now be able to learn the same concepts and principles that Aaron taught me and have their lives as guitar players changed for the better also!”

Chord Melody Guitar Music has always stocked a large selection of guitar courses consisting of book/CD combinations and book/DVD combinations. Their courses cover all of the important styles of guitar music including jazz, country, blues, flamenco, bossa nova, and rock. This latest addition of classical guitar books with DVDs known as “The Shearer Method” now makes it possible for virtually anyone interested in learning to play classical guitar to teach themselves without worrying about having to find a competent teacher who lives in their local area. Having everything clearly and slowly demonstrated with split-screen camera angles on the DVDs for both hands at the same time makes learning visual and easy.

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