Clarity Diagnostics Offers Home-Based Testing Kit For COVID-19

Clarity Health App based in Raleigh, NC, announces the launch of a home-based COVID-19 test kit. This kit uses a person’s saliva to provide an accurate and quick result and is FDA approved.

Raleigh, NC-based Clarity Diagnostics is pleased to share that the company has made new strides in the fight against the spread of the pandemic by developing a reliable home-based saliva testing kit for COVID-19.

One of the greatest issues faced by the world as a whole as a moment is the fact that lab results and testing methodologies for COVID-19 are sometimes not reliable or conclusive. In other cases, the sheer number of tests needed can also mean that results are delayed, with some individuals receiving their results weeks after the sample was initially taken. Since they would have been required to quarantine themselves for two weeks in the event they tested positive, this means that delayed results either force those who are not infected to remain cautious for extended periods, or worse, fails to inform the infected on time so that they are warned to stay away from public spaces and limit contact with other people. In the latter scenario, this also means that an infected person may not seek medical attention when they need it.

Fortunately, Clarity Diagnostics has created a simple and reliable home test for COVID-19. According to the company, this puts the power into the people’s hands to take control of their own health and well-being. This home testing kit is a saliva-based test that is paired with Clarity’s simple-to-use website.

In particular, the quick and reliable results produced by these home-based testing kits for COVID-19 make it very useful for front line workers and others involved with managing or treating the virus. The product is approved by the FDA for the testing of the COVID-19 virus. This ensures that it is accurate, confidential, and convenient.

It has a very quick turnaround time of 24 to 36 hours and is backed by physician-directed medical oversight. In order to carry out the self-administered virus test, the customer who buys the kit has to collect the required quantity of saliva and mail it to the Clarity Diagnostics lab.

The test result will be posted within a maximum of 48 hours after the lab receives the test sample. The customer will be notified via email. The home testing kit by Clarity Diagnostics is a useful product for businesses, universities and schools, but individuals are welcome to make use of its capabilities as well.

According to Clarity Diagnostics, the fact that other lab results may not be dependable only serves to compound this issue. This uncertainty in turn has the understandable but dangerous effect of causing people to become anxious, unwilling to have their tests done even if they discover they may have been exposed to the infection recently. While it is widely known that vulnerable portions of the population (those with underlying health conditions and so on) are more likely to experience harsher symptoms upon contracting the virus, some emerging data appears to suggest that the long-term effects of COVID-19 may compromise the health of a much larger group of people.

Not enough is known about the virus’ full impact on the body at the moment, which is why health experts caution people to be as careful as possible and get tested if they suspect they have been exposed. Furthermore, early testing — especially for those who have underlying comorbidities — has consistently been shown to make a large difference in allowing the infected to recover from the illness.

“At Clarity Diagnostics, we are working hard to address the challenges patients, consumers, and businesses alike are facing during these uncertain times,” said Dr. William Haas, Clarity’s Chief Medical Officer. “Our mission is to leverage our technology platform to provide access and insight to laboratory diagnostics in a quick, affordable, and convenient manner. And while we are busy providing a solution for the current pandemic, we’ve been hard at work creating several other solutions for other important health issues.”

Clarity Diagnostics points out that their home-based testing kit also allows people to get tested without risking exposure, as they would otherwise have to head outdoors to have their sample taken. This saliva-based test can be done in the comfort of one’s home, and the results are made available in a confidential manner (online). There is no additional risk of exposure.

Individuals who wish to order a kit may do so through the Clarity Diagnostics website. Inquiries may be forwarded to Ethan Drum of Clarity Diagnostics. Furthermore, social media users are welcome to connect with the company via Facebook to stay up to date with their latest news and announcements.

Supplies of these kits, however, are limited, so the company urges customers to purchase immediately if needed.

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