Claremont Off-Road Theme Park Launches 4-Wheeler Amphibious Racing Event

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For those looking for things to do in Orlando, then Revolution Off Road theme park based in Clermont, which has just launched a 4-wheeler amphibious racing event, is ideal. But, expect to get dirty, very dirty, and laugh a lot.

Clermont, Florida-based Revolution Off Road, an off-road adventure theme park that spans of 220 acres, has launched a 4-wheeler amphibious racing off-road event. Compete with family, friends or complete strangers to make it around the tracks and trails that wind their way through stunning countryside first, to claim victory.

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Launched in April 2017, the 4-wheeeler amphibious racing event is for corporate groups, weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations and suit to anyone look for exciting things to do in Orlando or who are just wanting to enjoy the theme park for the day. While these racing events are enjoyable, they can dirty, with mud and water spraying over the vehicle and sometimes to competitors. Thus, making these events some of the most exhilarating things to do in Orlando.

Designed with the adventurous in mind, Revolution Off Road has all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), Buggies, Mucky ducks, and a Myakka for groups. These vehicles drive over an extensive network of tracks and trails that weave themselves through Orlando wilderness, including wetlands.

While drivers of these vehicles must be over 18-years and carry a current driver’s license, passengers in the vehicles need only be old enough to sit upright and over 45 inches in height – 4-years and over is best suited. Consequently, everyone can get involved.

A well-established business and exhilerating theme park, Revolution Off Road has been in operation since 2007, and run by two adventurists who have competed in rally events and have a track and off-road racing pedigree. As such, these men complete the team of guides who make sure that the experience at Revolution Off Road is enjoyable and safe.

When asked about the racing at Revolution, a spokesperson said, “Everyone has a different skill level and will enjoy the experience in their own ways, but one thing remains static whatever the weather you will get dirty, maybe very dirty.”

To find out more about Revolution Off Road and their 4-Wheeler Amphibious Racing call 352 400 1322 or visit

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